Sunday, June 9, 2024

not much to say

The red crinum lilies are in full bloom. They are some of my favorites and I dug them up from the Houston house when we moved out here. 

I haven’t felt like writing, sick of this whole thing and the weird afib episodes I’ve been having, one episode Friday morning about every 5 beats or so there would be a long pause, not like skipping a beat but as if my heart had stopped beating. And then it would again and then it wouldn’t. This went on for, I don’t know, 45 minutes. Scared the crap out of me. Talked to the nurse and she said it sounded like my heart was converting, trying to reset itself, not to worry but she decreased the dose of one of the statins they have me on.

Plus I haven’t done a goddamn thing since I got home on Wednesday but lay around in bed or in the recliner. We’ve been bingeing on Game Of Thrones, sort of our go to when we don’t feel like searching for something to watch. We’ve both read the books and have seen it all before so it’s something we don’t have to pay a lot of attention to except for the story lines we really like, like Arya’s. We’re trying to get through it before the new seasons of Outer Range, The Bear, and The Boys start.

So last evening, my heart rate was so low, low 40s, I figured all this laying around was not doing me any good and when we switched off the TV and went to bed I rolled out my yoga mat and did about 40 minutes and I felt so much better afterwards. So I determined that I was going to start doing stuff regardless of what was going on with my heart and went out this morning to pick up another pile of sticks, or really just added to an already big one, this morning. 

Just one of the 4 piles of sticks I’ve picked up and I still haven’t picked up all the sticks and small branches that came down in the storm the week before my procedure. 

We’ll still watch more GoT today. Arya and Bran are back at Winterfell, the Lannister army had their first encounter with a dragon, and Jon and company have gone beyond the wall to capture a wight.

I have tomatoes in the refrigerator that need making into tomato sauce so I might start that today. And more yoga. I did finally dig up my potatoes the day before my procedure, a disappointing harvest. They only made potatoes in the first bottom layer. And while I thought I had one tub of white and one tub of red it turned out they were both white.

There were two whistling ducks in the native pecan at the back of the property Friday morning.

So now at 10:30 AM it’s already too hot to be outside for more than just a few minutes. 85˚ and sunny, no breeze to speak of, 71% humidity, high of 93˚ predicted.


  1. I just was on my way to HEB when I got run back inside by a torrential downpour. It's not big in size, and soon will be gone, but it was a reminder that we're in summer now, and these short-lived tropical showers will be popping up more and more. I laughed at myself when your pile of sticks reminded me of my Pick-up-sticks game from childhood. Thank goodness you don't have to dismember that pile, one stick at a time. I saw a pair of whistling ducks overhead yesterday. They're one of my favorites, not only for their calls, but also for their occasionally amusing behavior.

    It occurs to me that one of the most frustrating things about your recovery probably will be the need to slow down for a while. You're so accustomed to going at top speed that anything less probably is annoying at best. On the other hand, no activity has its downside as well, as you clearly have figured out. Moderation in all things, as they say.

  2. I, too, have been thinking that you must be at least somewhat frustrated by not being able to do your regular stuff. But damn, Ellen. It's so hot here that even being outside and picking beans for forty-five minutes is all I can bear. And that's not exactly physically challenging. It's just hot. And humid. I can only do so much and then I'm done. So- yeah, don't push it. You'll be back up to speed before too long but you have to let your body heal.
    Your lilies are spectacular.

  3. Give it all time. I would find that hard and can imagine that you do too. At our age that body takes its time. When my heart beat is really low, and consequently my blood pressure, it picks up when I drink a BIG glass of water.

  4. It is good that you are not doing a God damned thing! Relax, heal. Avoid the soul sucking heat.

  5. Sounds as if yoga was a very good idea. You're a mover by nature, not a loafer on the sofa. You'll get there.

  6. The ‘adjustments’ your heart is making sound scary! Glad you realized movement would help. Hope it settles into a good rhythm.

  7. Damn! I wish you were at the other end of this adventure already. But, it will happen.

  8. The ducks have come to wish you well, and they, like us, know that you are on the way back. Be patient, it will happen.

  9. Sounds like you are getting stronger. Ready to start moving a bit but being careful. Sounds just right, Ellen. It does take time but you have time so keep doing what feels good as you are on the right track. Stay cool!

  10. Going back to doing yoga sounds like a great idea. Seeing those whistling ducks brings joy and that's good too. Take care there. (NewRobin13)

  11. I wonder if Minnie has big dreams for all of those sticks :)


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