Sunday, June 16, 2024

flowers, dreams, appointments

I spent my brief morning time outside Saturday putting two things in pots in the ground. I planted the rooted firespike from last winter in the bed against the west side of the house that is shaded completely by two big oaks except for late afternoon sun. We’ll see how it does. Might not get enough sun. My sister had some hostas planted under her back porch that are growing really well so I plan to dig them up and move them over here in that same flower bed in the fall. The other thing I planted was one of the yellow angel trumpets I also rooted last winter. I gave one away and had three left so the biggest one is in the ground now in the little backyard to the right of the one I put in the ground this spring that was in the big pot. If it’s going to freeze down to the dirt every winter it might as well be in the ground and be easier to protect.

Last week my grandson hauled the dead riding mower out of the barn and took it to his folks house to see if he could fix it. I’m glad it’s gone as it was taking up valuable real estate. I got out there this morning to try and clear all the leaves out of the barn with my little leaf blower but I think I need new batteries as they both pooped out way too quickly. I’m charging them now but I think they aren’t holding a charge.

I noticed one of my carrots was starting to bolt so I pulled them all up.

The phlox that Ms Moon sent me and the plumerias are starting to bloom. 

All the daylilies are done or are about done except this clump that I got from Pam which is in full bloom now

and these which are almost hidden in the mess that is the front flower bed. 

Dewberry vines have invaded and a very hard to get rid of ground cover which has taken over the yard after the flood in 2017 and the gone by purple coneflowers. So much needs to be cleaned out but I’m trying to not get heat stressed before the rest of these appointments and procedures so no working outside for now.

I’ve been thinking about that dream. I don’t really understand it but the night before Robin and I had been texting about a chair and bookcase that I want moved over here. The chair is an exchange. Pam had two and only room for one so I took the other one because I wanted a chair with a footstool for my bedroom. She kept the one I would have preferred so I want to trade them out now. And the bookcase is also for my bedroom so Robin cleared it off in anticipation of moving it. I mentioned that we needed to get rid of two pieces of furniture in Pam’s old office that no one wants and aren’t being used and are just taking up space. Robin said she doesn’t mind living with Pam’s stuff, that she didn’t have the heart to rearrange anything, that she felt bad moving Pam’s life around. I told her not to feel bad, that Pam was gone and not coming back, that life moves on and I didn’t think we wanted the house to become some weird mausoleum of her life, that the house needed to accommodate the lives in it now, that we weren’t erasing her, she was still in our hearts. We talked about how much we still miss her and my feeling of being abandoned and that I’m so happy Robin is living in the house. So I think that might have been the underlying cause of the dream. I don’t think it was Pam visiting me but rather my own subconscious feelings about starting to let the house evolve.

So tomorrow is my appointment with the neurosurgeon and the anxiety I’ve managed to push to the back of my mind about the aneurysm while waiting for my appointment is back in the forefront. I won’t find out everything about the aneurysm until the diagnostic cerebral angiogram is done but at least I’ll get answers to my list of questions, foremost of which is can a fusiform aneurysm be repaired?


  1. Your carrots look fabulous! Mine are all oddly shaped this year.
    Hope you can ask all your questions calmly and get answers.

    From what I have come across, there are stent and so-called pipeline treatments, probably a lot of other stuff as well. Maybe 18 months ago, I edited a paper on flow diverter stents which seem to be promising.

  2. I love that dark pink daylily! So pretty. And yes, that sounds like the reason for your dream - and also what you told Robin is spot on. Fingers crossed for your appointment!

  3. I'm hoping for the best with your appointment.

  4. Fingers crossed. All your pictures are wonderful, but I especially liked the carrots for some reason.

  5. Your daylilies are lovely! my carrots died, proably due to Mr. BoJangles tearing away the netting and wallowing in them. The netting has been repaired and there is a fence there now. He is a sneaky little guy! I will be thinking about you tomorrow.

  6. We always have only one vegetable choice for supper. Tonight was asparagus. Sometimes it's carrots. That's it, just a warming tray of little rounds of carrots. I've come to like them. I especially like the visual of one of the kitchen workers slicing bunches of carrots into little rounds. All the best for tomorrow. All will be well.

  7. There is something quite primal and very appealing about carrots with dirt still hanging to them; sort of a metaphor for life. Potatoes too. Good Canadian wishes for a successful session with the doctor and the good news you are hoping for.

  8. I hope all goes well today. The phrase 'fusiform aneurysm' kept niggling at my mind, so I finally went looking. I discovered I'd become familiar with 'fusiform' in botany! The definition from my botanical glossary is "spindle shaped; broadest near the middle and tapering toward both ends." I suspect that applies to your aneurysm, too. That has to be one of the oddest connections I've ever come across.

  9. Gosh, those flowers are so pretty, Ellen! It's hot here, too, so I will be staying inside today.
    That explains your dream and your feelings that you shared with Robin sound very good and surely helped her feel better.
    Best of luck with your appointment...

  10. I hope your appointment goes well. Your assessment of the dream makes sense, as does your approach to your sister's former home. And yeah, I would think protecting the angel trumpet will be easier with it in the ground. (Probably a reason for us to plant our avocado tree.)

  11. Modern medicine has kept us all alive at miraculous levels, but that is combined with the intelligence of the patient. I got no worries about the patient. Texas clay, you'll read my obituary (which will be glorious)

  12. I think you are right about the dream. It wasn't your sister coming back to visit, but you trying to make everything right in your mind. And I also think that your words of wisdom to Robin are perfect.


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