Sunday, July 19, 2009

water from the sky

the storm moving in from the northeast

We finally got some rain out here in the country the last two evenings.  All the right weather conditions finally came together to produce a string of storm clouds that, they say, will give us the opportunity for rain for about a week.  This is the first real rain we have had for about 6 weeks.  During the day, the sky is intensely blue and filled with mountains of clouds all around the horizon.  

Friday evening, when the first storm blew in I went outside and reveled in it.  It was so beautiful.  The wind picked up and it was cool.  I don’t know how many degrees cooler but, god, it felt good.  So refreshing after these long, dry, stifling hot days.  The clouds were moving so fast they were just churning up there.  Finally it started raining.

The rain let up enough as the sun was setting to give us an incredibly beautiful sunset that spread about 240ยบ.

view of the north

view of the northwest

view of the southwest

note:  the pictures are more impressive if you click to enlarge


  1. Wow, Ellen - these are remarkable photos. I can only imagine the smell in the air when the rain came. I love that smell.

  2. I love sunsets - Amazing pictures :0)

  3. Great photos indeed. We also had some hot weather, with high humidity and then two days ago it started raining. The temperature dropped by 10 degrees. It really feels good!

  4. Stunning pics, Ellen! I love the drama of the sky before and after a storm.

  5. So glad for your rain! I love the stormy skies and you capture it well.

  6. We got several hours of rain also on Saturday. Jan and I were out in our yards doing arms raised to the sky rain dances!

  7. it is nice to know rains came in your place, here is our raining season, i feel lazy always,lol.

  8. I understand your pain and your relief, Ellen. We've finally been getting some much needed rain in La., too. It feels great, after such a long stretch of heat. Fantastic pics!


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