Wednesday, July 1, 2009

what is this thing called 'rain'?

all talk and no action

It is so dry here, no rain.  June is usually one of our rainiest months but I don’t think it rained in June besides a 10 minute shower or two.  And that, selectively.  This holds true for city and country.  My sister got a little shower last Saturday afternoon and we, about 6 miles away, got zip.  It’s making noise out there right now but that’s mostly just what it is.  The sky got dark as a real live potential rain cloud moved in.  It started to sprinkle a little and then stopped.  Then thunder moved in and it sprinkled some more.  And stoped.  And started again.  More and more thunder and the occasional lighting, it’s really quite noisy.  Then a sudden spurt of, what is that?  Hail?  It’s hailing little hail!  How can it be that damn cold up there and be this damn hot down here?  It’s still noisy as hell and seems to be getting closer but I haven’t seen any real rain out of this loud mouthed braggart.

The other day the weatherman was talking about the heat (triple digits), the humidity (sky high) and the dew point (also high), the trifecta of summer on the Gulf Coast.  He said that you can’t judge the humidity by percent alone as when it is hot, the air holds more water.  You have to go by the dew point, he says.  This is how he described it...  In the 60ºs, it’s sticky; in the 70ºs, sultry; in the 80ºs, awful.

And it was.


  1. I'd give you some of my rain ... if I could. Yesterday and this morning it has been lovely out. Warm even at night. Which is not typical for my part of the world.

    I do wish you a good rain storm ...

  2. It's way too hot here in London as well. I'd like to enjoy it but everywhere is just too hot and no shade. Almost glad to go into work for the aircon.

  3. Here in New England, we can't seem to have a day without rain since Spring. Every day, some sort of rain is falling, even now as I type. My deck pots are waterlogged, as was the strawberry season. My garden is muddy, the plants so-so :( I'd gladly send some rain your way if you'd send a little sunshine back?

  4. We had an unusually damp June, and my basement flooded twice. Still, the past two summers we had a drought, so I'm thankful.

    Thanks for stopping by earlier!

  5. When we had our drought a couple of years ago, I personally felt dessicated. I called the American Indian museum to see if anyone there knew how to do a genuine rain dance. The silence that followed my question indicated that the person on the other end of the line was thinking I was crazy.

    Wishing for rain for your landscape, asap!


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