Sunday, July 26, 2009

my 100th (and then some)

Well, I see that my 100th post came and went unnoticed by me.  So much for writing something special.  So far I’m still having fun doing this.  I have a tendency to let it take up way too much of my time.   I never read blogs til the day I decided to start one.  I guess I thought they were all political or or, I don’t know what.  Too busy.  My email took up enough time.  How happy I am to be wrong about that.  I have ‘met’ many wonderful people who make me laugh, make me think, bring beauty into my life (and advice).  Look what I have been missing all these years.  

I don’t even know why I started, really.  Pretty much I got up one day and decided to do it.  I am in the habit of writing stuff in my head, giving speeches, dropping pearls of wisdom from my lips, captivating audiences.  I’ll see something or read something and before I know it, I’ve got this monologue spinning.

I thought silly me that it would be a good way for family and friends to keep up with what we me are doing.  I have sent out notices, dropped hints, asked blatantly but as far as I know only my kids and my sister read this out of all my extended family and it’s a big one and NONE of my friends.  A few cyber friends read it, I think, but since they aren’t on my Followers list and never comment, I have no way to tell.  Sigh.  

As of this writing I have 38 official followers and one of those is following twice.  She really loves me.  Or else she’s in the first stages of Alzheimers.  And I follow 42 blogs.  And let me just say that I am glad they don’t all post every day or I would get nothing done.

I acrue followers slowly.  In fact I have been stuck in the 30s for awhile now.  I wonder if I have maxed out my audience.  Is this it?  38?  That’s all I get?  I see blogs that started after me and they have three times the followers.  Or more!  OK, so they are consistantly funny or witty or tell a good story or are thoughtful or post the most amazing photos....consistantly.  I’m thinking maybe that’s the key because I am all over the place baby.  No consistancy here.

Sit down dear, we need to have a talk.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my followers.  I think I have the best ones because they are smart, entertaining, supportive. they like me  But it’s seductive, you know?  All those people who started after me and have so many, I console myself by telling me they have big families who DO follow.  Hundreds of family members.

I finally caved and installed a site meter.  It’s been up about 12 days.  As of this writing, I have had 572 ‘unique’ visitors.  That’s a daily average of my 38 followers and the 10 times a day I check for comments.  the word junkie comes to mind

OK, I’m exagerating.  Maybe  

Not to be daunted, I continue.  I’m of the stubborn sort.  

So, here’s to my 38...Thank you.  Thank you for accompanying me on my journey and making this so much fun.


  1. My day would not be complete without peak at stuff from Ellen's head!

    I once scoffed at all the time kids were spending on MySpace when it first came out then tsk-tsking about the supposed "friends" they'd made.

    (stops a minute to eat crow)

    I do wonder sometimes, though, if I don't need a 12-step program for bloggers. But at least I'm not denying the addiction!

    I think the acquisition of followers must take a certain amount of extra effort. I think David at authorblog wrote about that no too long ago. Seemed very intriguing. And with your gorgeous art work the world deserves to see, it would be grand to see your numbers climb.

    I know I'd LOVE to see more pictures of your architectural glass and pate de verre work on your blog. They're gorgeous and so compelling.

    Great post!

  2. First of all, congratulations! I remember when I got 100 I was quite amazed that the thing I'd started all those months ago had grown like that.

    On followers: I have read some appalling blogs with hundreds of followers. Some truly, truly dismal ones with thousands. And some amazing ones with single figures followers. You see some blog posts that are basically two paragraphs of brain fart that attract dozens of comments saying "lol, me too, you are so funny" and the like and yes, it can be discouraging.

    But that's how the world works. There are appalling films in the cinemas, books in the shops and records on the radio. So I try not to let it get to me as much as I used to. The important thing is that I am happy with what I write and the people who read my blog are just absolutely the best.

    You have a really good blog. I like what you write and always stop by when I know you've put something up. And your blog will grow. Maybe faster than some, maybe slower than some, but that has very little to do with how good it is.

  3. Congrats on hitting the 100th posting mark. Love your blog and your artwork... your work is amazing! I'm a baby blogger myself and am thrilled every time someone posts a comment. And like you, my family and most of my real time friends don't read my blog much. I have to cut and paste onto emails to get my parents to read it because they still haven't figured out how to bookmark my site... but I only send them the ones I want them to see, so maybe that's just as well.

  4. I loved your blog the first time I read it !!! I'm out here and very fascinated by your life and what you write.

    Followers ~ I don't have any family that follow. I think it's all about who lists you and who looks at you and who likes what they read. I've looked at some of the blogs that have tons of followers and think .. why ... and the blog of the day ... some I like and others again I think why

    Keep blogging away ...

  5. You are so welcome! You need to check out my post about followers and subscribers. Very similar! Also, it takes me half a day just to leave comments on the the blogs I follow! It's starting to scare me...and maybe them too...kinds stalkerish??

  6. Ellen, you came to visit me and I returned the favor. That's the secret of developing an audience: finding people who have the same interests, follow the same news, share equally with you. This was quite funny.

  7. I read what I like! And among other things, I read your blog. :)

    I don't have any members of the family who would read mine, except for my daughter. A friend or two also, maybe. I don't even use my mother tongue in it partly because it makes me feel more free - it's not like my neighbour will read it and judge me upon it or learn new gossip from it - about another neighbour, maybe. I'm not afraid a student of mine (or a parent, god forbid) could find me and accuse me of releasing information that should be protected. At least that's what I thought at the beginning - then I saw I don't really write stuff like that, or at least not very often. Still, it's a good writing exercise.

    Your blog? Good!

  8. Its almost like this is a second generation of bloggers. I started in 2004 and by 2008 most of those bloggers had given it up. And now i see all these new bloggers that never existed before. Congrats.

  9. you are one of my favorites, so don't worry i will with you till the end,lol.i learned a lot from your i thank you instead!

  10. I only have 10 followers, but I'm amazed that they found me at all. It's only because I commented on their blogs. But I'm always so excited to get a comment - SOMEONE is reading what I wrote! The only family who read it are the ones that automatically receive an email (that I set up) every time I post. As far as I know they've never actually visted the blog. Hmph!

    I don't even remember how I found your blog - but I really like it!

  11. I adore your blog and so glad you started out of the blue! Your writing style is wonderful and you always have something interesting to say. You're one of my faves. Congratulations, Ellen, on your first 100 posts, and here's to many hundreds more!!

  12. Kathleen - I intended to have a picture I would change every week of some piece of my work on the side bar, but they are small and I forget. I try to keep my website current though. But I'll keep your request in mind.

    Mr. Street - Thanks, and you're right of course. I just had to get it out of my system.

    CatLadyLarew - Maybe it's a blessing my family doesn't read it. They think I'm weird enough already.

    JC - Thanks. You're a sweetie.

    Lee - I know, right! I'll check out your post when I'm back in the city (dial up sucks)

    lakeviewer (my newest) - thank you. I've been enjoying your series on aging.

    Minka - I wish I was fluent in another language. I'm so happy to have you along.

    yrautca - Hello there. Thanks for dropping by. I'll come visit.

    lolit (one of my first) - Thank you so much. I try.

    The Bug - It's hard for me to visit new blogs when I am on dial-up half the week (and paying extra for it since I have cable in the city) but I'll be by. Thanks for tagging along.

    willow - the feeling is quite mutual and yours is one of the first I started following. So glad to have found you.

  13. 39. I like your blog and I like you. You keep writing and I'll keep reading.

  14. It is me....the double follower. It wasn't popping up on my list, so I followed it again. I confess to having no idea how to get that first following off, but as soon as my daughter gets here she will help me clean it all up! Like you I only have a few followers compared to some and that is okay with me as I tend to follow only those that I truly enjoy reading. Now, having said that.....I don't understand why the two of us don't have a three digit following! We both have such sage wisdom to impart, and you would think more people would want to take advantage of that. I can only surmise that we are a well kept secret that our followers are keeping to themselves so that they won't have to share us with too many others!

  15. Well I love your blog. I stop by as often as possible, and then read to catch up. I think the whole follower thing is kind of misleading. I don't think they all follow all the time. I think maybe they join, and then come back on occasion. It just makes it easy to get updates on the blogs you like.

  16. Madame - likewise.

    Kathy - I know, right! hee hee.

    Nancy - I feel the same way about yours. And I'm sure you're right. If I had hundreds of followers it would probably be intimidating. No way I could keep track of everyone.

  17. OMG ellen. I love your stuffed head. You make me feel so bright and shiny and you are so down to the finish line funny. not ha ha silly funny, brilliant fun funny. And I flipped out thinking 'I' was checked in twice with you. I could in a heartbeat (3 times). It would be me, myself and I. All three of us. Thank the powers that be..we vote!!! OMGoodness, I am rotflmao. I adore it here. Congratulations ellen...I should look to my 100th? write on!


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