Monday, July 13, 2009


Well I had to go back up and over Boxilla later in the day as my confused coffee deprived mind didn't prompt me to ream out the hose going from the 'T' to the outside when I had the whole thing apart.  But it seems to be flowing steady now.  Other damage...the sheetrock in the ceiling seems OK as it leaked mostly from a pre-existing crack (but that needs to be determined later, maybe just a touch up of the paint I spent all last year doing), the dining room table now has a little bulge in the middle and one of the boards in the wood floor we just had refinished last year now pokes up a little.  (“It’s the curse”, he says.  It’s NOT the curse!”, I reply.)

To all those who find this an amazing learn to figure out a lot of stuff when you are two artists living on one paycheck which is slim indeed.  Calling in the appropriate repair person is the act of last resort and desperation.  We always just start with what would be the simplest thing to fix (in this case unclogging the drain hose) and work up the difficulty ladder from there.  Perhaps I’ll post about the time we took out the floor in the back hall and excavated under the house looking for the break in the sewer line so we could get the plumber in to do the part we couldn’t.  Or maybe about the time we re-built the shop one wall at a time because it was much easier (and cheaper) to get a permit for repairs instead of dozing and re-building.


  1. Wow, you certainly know your house inside and out! And with the cost of calling in repair people, kudos to you. Hope all is smooth sailing now ...

  2. We have an old fixer upper and it always seems to require more than we thought it would. Good luck!

  3. We must be kindred spirits! You learn to do a lot when there is less cashflow!

  4. Wow, you guys are really talented! It would be really scary if my husband and myself pulled out walls, believe me!


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