Friday, July 17, 2009

the first

It’s the end of day two with my grandson.  He is here with us at the country house for his four day weekend (the reason why, if you have noticed, that I’m not making any comments on your posts the past few days...cause it’s certainly not because I don’t have an opinion).

Mikey is 12, the only boy of four siblings.  He is so smart, too smart, as in smartass, sometimes.  He is nearly as tall as I am and still has much growing to do.  He’s going to be tall like his dad.  Maybe even taller.  He is a sweet sensitive kid, when he’s not being a smartass that is.  And he gets into his fair share of trouble.  He’ll take a poke or shove or two but then he will shove back.  He will also step up to defend his friends.  

He is and always has been an early riser and would get in constant trouble for leaving his house (next door to us) in younger years and coming over on Saturday and Sunday mornings to visit while his parents and sisters still slept.  And he talks...constantly.  This kid NEVER runs out of things to say.  And I mean that literally.  When he runs out of words for the moment, he will resort to making sounds.  Geez...Mikey, SHUT UP!

He loves to be active and like all kids, thinks he knows everything.  Trying to correct one of his many assumptions or bare inklings about any subject leads you into a fruitless argument.  Oh well, he’ll learn.

He is also camera shy.  For some reason, he thinks it is the height of cool to not get his picture taken.  I keep trying to tell him that when he is grown he will want to see pictures of himself as a kid but he doesn’t believe me.  So any pictures I get are taken on the sly or when he is off guard. 


  1. It's fun for me meeting your grandchildren, one by one. I bet they will treasure these special visits. I have vivid and treasured memories of spending a few days with my grandparents, especially my grandma Hazel - being girls together, essentially, in their little summer house surrounded by cottonwood trees.

  2. I just love the photo - those big shoes and that smile. That's one to keep and show him years down the road.

  3. Love the photo on the swing - it captures the exuberance of childhood. Glad you're enjoying your time with him.

  4. Aren't grandchildren the best! The one on one time is priceless. I am so jealous...... have lots of fun with him!

  5. He sounds great! I'm like him in that I hate having my pic taken; always have. I bet he's having a blast with you. Lucky kid!!

    Enjoy your weekend, opinionated Ellen (love that about you!)

  6. Looks like he's having a grand time! I remember spending time at my grandparents' house at the edge of the woods in New Hampshire. Lots of adventures to be found there, for sure. It's a special time.

  7. He'll probably grow into those feet really soon, so enjoy these moments while you have them! I hope I get to have real live grandkids someday!


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