Friday, May 29, 2009

boring and busy

pretty flower picture

I’m feeling very boring lately.  When I can’t think of anything clever to say I fall back on pretty flower pictures.  Lately I’ve had lots of pretty flower pictures.  All my blog buddies are such great writers, coming up with interesting topics, profound thoughts, funny stories, great recipes even.  Me?  All I can come up with is pretty flowers.  Not that pretty flowers are bad mind you.  But I’m getting a little tired of asking myself ‘why didn’t I think of that?’.  I suppose it could be because I am so tightly focused on getting this job done.  We had wanted to finish by the end of this month, but I see we are going to need at least one more week of long days.  That will give us one week to get it installed before we leave town to teach a workshop in upper state NY.  I really want to get it installed before we leave.

Today is the end of the week and almost the end of the month.  We head home for the country house this afternoon.  All four grandkids are coming down as well.  It’s going to be a busy weekend.  My sister sets up a stall at the farmer’s market.  They sell produce from their garden and the soaps and dried herbs, teas, jellies and pickled stuff that she makes.  My b-i-l runs the mail route to all the little rural post offices in the mornings and evenings so he can’t get there til about 10 AM.  So I go help her til he gets there.  That means I have to be there at 7:30 in the morning.  Crap!  I don’t even usually get up til 7:30.  We’ll also have 6 kids running around to keep an eye on.  My great-nieces are visiting their grandmother (my sister) this week which is one of the reason all four of ours are coming with us.  My sister’s grandkids live in New Mexico and only come once a year and we want the cousins to grow up knowing each other.  From this afternoon to Sunday afternoon when their parents come get them, all I’m going to be doing is cooking and cleaning to the chorus of ‘granny, granny, granny’.

I’m not taking the computer this time since I’ve already used up all my free dial-up hours for the month and I don’t see having any free time anyway so I’ll be awol til Monday.


  1. If THIS comes out when you have NOTHING to say, well, then you're very good at saying it. Well written.
    When you find a topic that intrigues you, it will be a piece of art, then.
    You are definitely no boring.

  2. You sound very busy! And we love your flower pictures. Enjoy those grandkids - I really miss my little guy. One more week and I'll visit him for a week in Portland.

  3. One or 2 posts a week is about all I can handle. It sounds like you will need a vacation soon. Lovely flowers.

  4. Your upcoming weekend sounds wonderful to me - especially the "granny" part! Enjoy!

    And, I love the pretty flower pictures - keep 'em coming.

  5. Nothing wrong with flowers from my perspective. I love the picture in words of this upcoming busy group of young 'uns and members of your clan. Take some pictures!

  6. Have fun just being Granny. I am sure you will lots to write about after that. Although I have to admit that you did seem to have a lot to express just now.

  7. Thank you ladies. If you are entertained when I feel boring then I guess I'm good to go.


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