Friday, May 15, 2009

three little things

I found a third eggshell under the white wing dove nest in the pecan tree yesterday.  The other two hatched last week several days apart.  I could see three heads in the nest but one is the mom (in the middle).  I suspect the newly hatched baby is beneath her.  I climbed up on the roof of the sandblasting booth to get this picture.  Even so, I had to use the zoom to the max.

This baby butternut squash, about 4” long, is one of 7 in the garden last weekend, may be more now.  The butternut squash are volunteers from the kitchen scraps I buried all last winter in the garden plot.

This little flower is called bat-face.  My grandson picked it out at the nursery one day when we were shopping for flowers for the grandkids' little gardens.  Stuff that they pick out and plant quickly get overwhelmed because, while they love to pick stuff out and plant them, and enjoy the flowers, they are not too good about keeping the weeds out.  I moved a piece of this one onto the side of the ditch and it likes it there.


  1. Love the grandchildren's little flowers. So sweet. Being north of you, we are weeks behind in the garden, but it is really starting to pop with all the rain. No baby birds yet, but my hummingbirds are back and eating a lot; must be a nest somewhere.....

  2. Love the pics - the baby birds are so cute - you did well for having to climb to get it! The butternut is a little gift, and I really like the bat face flower - they do look like bats! Thanks for the little tour.

  3. all glorious. I can't believe you actually find the shells of the birds. Pat yourself on the back for getting that great a shot under those conditions!

    Growing food --exhilirating to know that you could possibly manage to live off the land if needed. A dying art, one that I hope to teach myself.

  4. oh what a cute creatures, and the squash, we have a lot of that kind here. and more delicious than the other kind of squash.

  5. Batface is a great name. We have one here called pigface.


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