Monday, May 18, 2009

at her bath

When we are at the country house, I set my computer up in the back bedroom (which is being set up as my wax working/model making room) by the window.  Outside the window, about 12’ away is the little bird bath I set up earlier this year (see my post ‘cat TV’).    

Saturday evening I was sitting there when a female cardinal came and availed herself of the services.  I shot this sequence of pictures.  The quality is not that great because for one thing, I’m using a little Canon PowerShot and, although the window was open, I was shooting through the window screen.

I delighted in watching her.  She actually came down twice.  After her first bath she flew up on a tree branch and groomed her feathers and then came and washed again.  She took her time about it and then flew back in the tree and groomed some more.


  1. She is magnificent! I love her orange beak.

    But I feel kind of bad spying on her while she bathes! Kind of .

  2. things like this made feel awe,many thoughts came into our mind, one of these are, how wonderful this creature gives a soothing comfort, isn't it?

  3. So wonderful to watch, aren't they? I spent a good while standing stock still today watching 3 hummingbirds in flight on my front porch today. They dove and flew through th tight area with such grace.

  4. Reya, lolit - I was going to make a comment here but I edited my post instead. See above.

    Kathy - They are fun. We have a huge hummingbird bush and the little things spend all their time defending it from each other when there is more than enough to go around.


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