Sunday, May 3, 2009

gettin' girlie

Anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT a girlie girl.  I don’t wear make-up, don’t even own any.  I don’t mess with my hair, it’s wash and towel dry.  I don’t wear jewelry unless I am going out or obsess over clothes and I don’t understand the fascination with shoes.  I keep my nails very short because they get in the way of my work and in fact have never had a manicure or pedicure, that is until last Saturday.

We drove to Dallas last Friday for a family wedding and stayed with my sister-in-law and her husband.  She was going to get a manicure and pedicure for the event and offered to treat me to the same for my birthday.  That would be nice, I thought since my nails are a train wreck, so off we went.

Oh my gosh!  The first thing when we walked in, they asked us to pick out the color we wanted.  Color?  I don’t do that, I was thinking it would just be nice to get my cuticles trimmed up and besides, there were about 200 colors to choose from.  Well, why not I thought and finally settled on a purple since the skirt I was going to wear had that color in it and when I do wear shoes they are mostly open toe sandal type.  So I’ve got my little bottle of fingernail polish clutched in my hand and they take us over to the station.

The station is a massage chair with a basin of hot water for my feet and as I am settling in, they hand me the menu for the pedicure.  Pick whatever you want, my s-i-l says so, what the heck, I might as well go for it, and pick the deluxe and she decides to get it also.  The chairs are pounding and thumping and rolling around on our backs while the young asian women attend to our toes, filing, scraping, trimming, clipping, rubbing all kinds of stuff in our toes and feet.  They work on the calluses and move up the legs rubbing all manner of things, oils and lotions and exfoliants, into our legs and massaging everything from knee to toes.  Then comes the juice of grapefruits, lemons and oranges that they rub in and then more lotions and then they wrapped our legs from knee down in hot towels and already I’ve decided that by the time they finish I’m not going to be able to walk out of there.  

While all this is going on, another attendant is working on my fingernails with the same soaking, trimming, scraping, shaping, buffing and massaging our hands and arms up to the elbows.  I declined the french nails and color on my fingernails as they are extremely short and because of the work I do it would get messed up fast and be a waste so they put on a clear coat.  My nails have not looked this good ever!

Back to my feet, the hot towels come off, more lotion is applied and then they bring out the hot rocks which they proceed to rub up and down our legs and feet and then more lotions.  Finally, they apply the color and Lisa talks me into getting a design on my big toenail so I opt for a flower with a little rhinestone.  I can’t believe this is me.  Before it is all over with, they have talked me into an eyebrow and upper lip wax.  Yeouch!  But I gotta say, my eyebrows look fabulous.  Finally we’re all done and wobbly legged make our way to the car.  I called my daughter right away because she is absolutely not going to believe this.  She’s laughing her ass off and hangs up with, ‘I’m calling my brother right now’.

Ya know, I could get used to this.  Who knew there was a girlie girl hiding in me all this time.  Maybe next time, I’ll even go shoe shopping! 


  1. Rockin HOT Mama. This was so much fun, thanks for sharing. Daughter was priceless, I'm laughing mine off with her.

  2. Wow, that sounds so relaxing! I've never had a pedicure before, but after reading this, I just might give it a try.

  3. Verily, I found it pretty amusing myself.

    Welcome Joanne. Nice to have you visit. It was a treat.

  4. Absolutely! My favorite is an aroma therapy facial.

  5. Good for you! Occasionally in the summer I get the foot and love it. The little flower with diamond is my fav too. The things we do to treat ourselves.

  6. Sounds fine and frightening all at the same time. I had my nails done for my wedding and found it very enjoyable. My mum had hers done at the same time and she fell asleep during it, she was so relaxed. Loving that big toe.

  7. You deserve One Lovely Blog Award...this is an easy one. We are supposed to highlight blogs we are discovering and reading and spread the word to others so they discover and read too. I am paying this forward. info @

  8. I don't do girlie girl either but my daughter gave me the gift of a one-hour facial once. I was so relaxed on the way home, I almost fell asleep driving!

  9. you keep me smiling now of your story, i understand you well. but i guess you deserved to have it once i a while. we all do. so do it more often.

  10. I keep thinking the luxuries will come someday. I've been thinking that for a really long time now. I'm delighted you are finding your girly girl. It gives me hope.

  11. Lover - I think that is next on my girlie agenda.

    robinglasspony - Life should be fun, right?

    Madame - I spent the entire wedding reception showing all the girl cousins my big toe, that, and dancing.

    California Girl - I'm honored. Thank you so much. It may take me a day or so to pass it on.

    Andrea - I've never had a facial either but now I think I'll have to try it.

    lolit - It was very amusing for me but we all deserve to be pampered once in a while.

    Butternut - It was fun but if I could choose a luxury to have all the time, it would be a housekeeper.

  12. I am a former celebrity stylist -- that is, I croom them and dress them for their TV shows, red carpet events, and photos... or daily life (you know paparazzi are always waiting to catch them looking bad, so it had to be planned when you leave the house). And yet, I could not be bothered -- If I could wear no make up and not look like death I would. I would love to not waste one minute on my hair, or nails. I don't know how women are so into it. But when I do take the time -- or pay others to do so (lol), I feel just like you do.... it can become addicting. I'm so glad you have such a marvelous experience! And you could be a FOOT MODEL if you ever get tired of making a living other ways! :-)


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