Monday, May 11, 2009

summer whites


White seems to have taken over the landscape as if it is already trying to cool down the approaching long hot summer.  

star jasmine

passion flower

ox-eye daisy



oak leaf hydrangea


easter lilies



  1. SO pretty!! Are these all from your new garden? I think the magnolia and oleander are my favorite. We have lavender and white lilac trees and as soon as they come out, I know warm weather is here!

  2. Beautiful -- lots of inspiration for your art too.

    I also want to know if all these are on your property. I assume they are, or are near...

  3. Yes, they are pretty and yes, lots of inspiration too.

    The star jasmine and elderberry are in my yard in Houston. The oleander is at the end of the block in Houston. The althea, easter lilies and magnolia are in my yard in Wharton (tho I have a magnolia tree in Houston). The yarrow, ox-eye daisy, passion flower and oak leaf hydrangea are in my sister's yard in Wharton. I also have white butterfly iris blooming in Houston but thought 10 pictures was enough.

  4. The flowers are so pretty and I love what you said about them getting ready for the heat..

  5. i am always fascinated by these things flowers! everytime i look at them, i feel i am always in heaven, thanks for sharing....all of it are so pretty.


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