Thursday, May 21, 2009

if there was any doubt before...

If the +/- 90ยบ temperatures with attendant humidity were not enough,

then the white puffy cloud sky,

the blooming crepe myrtle

and the sound of cicadas in the evening are.

Summer is here.


  1. Definitely!

    How did you get that pic of the cicada? Wow.

    Love the puffy clouds. Love the long days. Love the crepe myrtle.

    The head and humidity? Not so much. Oh well.

    Happy summer!

  2. The cicada picture I staged. That's actually the shell of the larval stage that the cicada emerges from. I find them in the yard. I do have two actual (dead) cicadas but they are packed in a box somewhere.

  3. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog - I really appreciate it. What beautiful photos. I especially love the sky.

  4. Welcome PurestGreen. Thank you. Nice to have you here.

  5. Great photos!
    The temperatures there are similar to ours (Slovenia). Maybe just a little bit lower, but above 80. It is quite hot, but no cicadas. :-) We still call it spring, though, knowing the heat hasn't really started...

  6. Oh, we'll get up to triple digits before it is all over with Minka.

  7. Cicadas are so oogly but I love the sounds they make!

    I'm a blue sky, creamy cloud pie kind of girl. Love the pix.


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