Thursday, May 28, 2009

a lily a day

Day lilies are so lovely.

Most of these are from the country house

but a couple are from my sister’s yard,

a couple from the Houston yard.

There are so many varieties of these beautiful lilies

and the flowers are open for one day only.

All that glorious beauty

for just one day

and at night they close up.


  1. Ellen, thanks for your thoughtful reply to my post (or my rant, really :) ).

    Those lilies are so pretty! I love those light pink ones. My mom gave me some day lily bulbs for my birthday, so they probably won't bloom until next year. I have tiger lilies around my mailbox that are now as tall as my mailbox but they haven't bloomed yet for some reason. I did notice a bud yesterday though! So I'll be posting pictures of that soon I hope.

  2. Forget the apple. It's a lily a day, keeps the doctor away. Gorgeous.


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