Tuesday, May 5, 2009

being honored

I have been honored with the Lovely Blog Award by California Girl.  To her I am most grateful and to all the people who have added me to their read list and to those who just visit now and then.  I am new to blogging, never even read them until one day last January I decided to start one, still not clear in my own head why I felt compelled to do so.  I have always focused my energy on visual images but awhile back a couple of friends on a bulletin board I frequent have complimented me on my writing when I have posted some of the stories about moving to the country.  I have even been asked to write a few ‘how to’ articles for a glass art magazine.  So, I guess, all it took was to give me a few compliments.  And now another.  From my heart, thank you.  I am deeply aware that I receive more than I give.

I want to ‘pay it forward’ as California Girl said to me.  Is it rude of me to not do it right away?  Will I be considered ungrateful if I wait a few days or a few weeks to do so?  Am I out of place to display my award before I pass it on?  My read list is short and mostly well traveled and known to my few followers and commenters.  As I understand it, the purpose of this award is to share new finds with our friends.  When time permits I cast my line out.  Some I throw back, some I keep.  Right now, I have not time.  I am behind on my job and the bank account is getting perilously low.

I could easily pick a few at random and move on but I would not have fulfilled my obligation.  So I ask, please be patient with me and one day, not too far from now, I will happily share my treasure.

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  1. There really are no hard and fast rules here. I think it's great that you want to think about it.

    Glad you're here in the blog realm. What were we all doing before you got here? I can't remember.


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