Tuesday, June 2, 2009

weekend with the grandkids

Bad Kitty

We’re back a day late. Well, we actually did get in yesterday but it was well after 6 PM. The cat decided to pull one of her disappearing acts. Usually she is in and out or somewhere close by when we are packing up to leave on Monday morning. But yesterday, she went out and was not to be seen again until she strolled in about 5:30. I know she was somewhere close to the house and I checked all her napping spots...no cat. I did a thorough housecleaning waiting for her to show up. I’m going to have to get one of those GPS thingies to track her down.

All set up. That’s my sister on the left, my g-daughter in front, my sister’s g-daughter in the hat and the pony tail behind her is mine. The boy in the truck is mine.

It was Girl Town at our house on Saturday. Three of my four grandkids went with me early to help my sister set up at the market and she had her two. We spent the entire time running the kids out of the tent as there was no room for customers when they were all in there. When my b-i-l showed up a little after 10 AM, I gathered up all the kids and took them to my house. I left the six of them, ages ranging from 7 - 12, in the care of Husband while I went to the gym. When I got back, my grandson had fled. He has made friends with the other boy children on the street and went off with one of them to his little league game.

We had bought a little 6’ x 15” pool and set that up and those girls played in there all afternoon in between bouts of riding bikes and racing around and then again after dinner til dark. My grandson had returned in time for dinner and then took off again with another of the neighborhood boys. Just as well. There was lots of shrieking. I was either making breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner and cleaning up afterwards. My in betweens were spent watering the gardens. It is so dry.

Friday night lights.

Much as I love those kids, I was happy to have a quiet afternoon on Sunday after their mom came and fetched them.


  1. I'm looking forward to grandkids someday.

    Bad kitty looks a lot like our dearly departed Muffin, btw.

  2. Bad Kitty is so cute. I grew up with a cat that look almost like Bad Kitty. Her name was Roberta Tahoe.

  3. Actually, her name is Emma but she was being a bad kitty, hence the caption. She's a rescue, turned up at my sister's who had just rescued two kittens so I took her.

  4. Emma is so cute, there's no way she could be bad.

  5. Enjoy the precious momets with the little ones! Looks like a great weekend!

  6. I know what you mean, it is so wonderful to see them come...... and just as wonderful to watch them go!

  7. I remember those little swimming pools, my daughters used to love them! It's nice to read about all the good old-fashioned fun your grandkids had at your place, the best kind of play.


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