Monday, June 8, 2009

farmers are us

Another pastel night this past weekend.

Friday evening’s harvest.

The full moon rising over the cornfield (a poor attempt with my little point and shoot).

It was a busy weekend helping out at the market, working in the yard doing maintenance and putting up green beans, okra and a mixed berry pie.


  1. Nothing poor about those shots, Ellen! They're gorgeous.
    Hey, stop by my blog. You've been "tagged." Have fun-- and don't worry a sec if you don't feel like "playing!"

  2. Those tomatoes look great! We just put our tomato plants in the ground a few weeks ago after the last frost, so we've got a ways to go yet, probably no tomatoes until mid July!

  3. So lovely. Enjoy those tomatoes!

  4. Wow - feast at your house. I can just imagine how good those tomatoes taste.

  5. Yummo, as Rachel Ray would say. So far I have only harvested fruit and I am ready for some beans and tomatoes!


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