Thursday, June 11, 2009


My friend Gene who does the stained and fused glass has a sign in his studio.  It’s one word and says simply...PERSEVERE.  I keep thinking I’ll get one too but I never have.  It sticks in my mind though.  It’s so concise.  I can think of several wordy ways to express the same sentiment but this one word is much more powerful.  Persevere.

When my children were young, and now my grandchildren, they would say to me..."I can’t do it!”.  I would tell them that of course they can’t because they quit trying.  Or, ‘can’t never could’ as my father would tell me.  Most recently I heard the ‘I can’t’ from my youngest granddaughter when I was teaching her to ride a bike.  Nonsense.  Try it again.  And of course, she did succeed.  Some things take just a little practice and time to achieve, some things take a lot.  The important thing is to not give up, not if you really want to do whatever it is.  

And so I have persevered.  I have finally finished the job that would never end, the one I so completely underbid, the one I was so totally wrong about the amount of time it would take.  I’ve been glad to be done with many jobs in the past but none more so than this one.  At least for today.

about the picture...yes, this is inside my house growing up through a small hole next to the water heater where the pipe comes up from under the house.  I pulled it up the first time it appeared.  Now I’m letting it grow, curious to see if it will bloom from the small amount of light it gets through the open back door that faces east.


  1. That's amazing ..

    I have a holly tree growing under my deck ... it has twisted to the light and now has a bit of it coming up through one of the boards ...

    I have it on the dig up and transplant list for this weekend ...

    ~~~ Stuey is having her Pay It Forward ... if you want any cool items ... go visit her blog ~~~

  2. I can't believe that plant is growing up through your floor!

    Slow and steady does win the race.

  3. Would you look at that plant? Talk about persevering!

  4. Um, do you really want a plant growing through your house? All I can think of is Little Shop of Horrors.

  5. yes, the word PERSEVERANCE is often been taken for granted especially the young generations of today,i keep telling my kids that word too, they easily give up on something.
    i wish your indoor plant will grow as greener as it is now,but then what if? i hope you will not take off the roof for giving its way,lol.

  6. I am trying to persevere........ my customer base is making it difficult! The plant coming through the floor is cool, keep us updated.

  7. I would be so charmed also, right after the OMG and will it grow behemoth in the dark (my new word) and eat me tonight? Yes please keep us updated, I'm cheerleading too.

  8. If it blooms, I will post it. I'm secretly hoping it does. I have to admire it, ya know, attempting to prosper in the house. A true 'house plant'. No sign of a bud yet though.

  9. I tried three times to post my comment and it disappeared! I just wanted to say congratulations on completing this project. What a RELIEF!!! i know this comment is way belated.... I've been gone, but finished school and graduated so I can catch up on your posts a little. But I have had projects, nothing like this work I imagine, but I can relate to underbidding and finally getting something DONE. Whew. Freedom!

    And how great that this plant is growing in your HOUSE, and under such circumstances. The perfect outpicturing of your perseverence theme... I do want to know why plants I have won't grow when I put in nice, fertilized soil and give it plenty of water and sun... and then things like this happen and flourish, lol. There is a message in there somewhere....


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