Tuesday, June 9, 2009

so much to do, so little time

I feel brain dead and the week is just starting.  I thought I was busy last week. This week is going to be a near panic.  I am determined to get this job finished this week.  Two days, that’s all I need (I hope).  Already lost yesterday.  I don’t know why it took us so long to close up the house and get back but we left at least an hour and a half later than usual.  One thing we had to do was pick out our clothes and pack for the 10 days we will be gone starting next Friday.  We are leaving for upstate New York to teach a 6 day intensive workshop and we are taking two extra days to visit friends who moved up there last year.

Another reason I didn’t get much work done yesterday is that it was the birthday of my (now) 11 year old twin granddaughters.  I had yet to buy them gifts so I gathered them up and we went shopping.  That took up the rest of my afternoon.

I did manage to do the revision of a drawing from my meeting last Wednesday.  I meet with them again today.  Plus, I think it’s going over budget.  I know it is if we do it the really right way.  I’ll just have to see if they can bump it a little, even if it’s just covering the added material cost.  I’d be happy with that.  Still have to get a quote on that though.

So besides getting this never ending job finished, I have another guy coming by today for a design consult and yoga (I missed last week, will not miss this week) and I have to mail off a box of stuff we need for the workshop so it will be there when we get there.  The rest of the week will be just as busy making sure I have everything in order...job finished, another appointment on Thursday, workshop stuff managed, cat and turtle care provided for, house buttoned up and all travel documents readied.


  1. Happy birthday little girls!

    You sound so busy. Hopefully you find some time soon to be lazy, just to keep things balanced.

  2. You do sound busy...
    Hope you get to ENJOY a bit of your trip

  3. Time enough for rest in the grave, my mother used to say. Cheery little quote, isn't it?

    May the force be with you! You go and conquer. Then? Time to rest I hope.

  4. Sometimes, when it rains, it pours! Sounds like a little pouring here, but then the sun always comes back out, and things quiet down. You sound very organized through all this, I must say!

  5. Turtle care? Sounds fascinating. Don't forget to schedule some time to relax or you'll be pooped.

  6. hugs and kisses to your twin granddaughters,and wish you could get things done in your time frame.goodluck.

  7. Thanks Anna, nice to have you visit.

    The first two days will be spent visiting with friends JC.

    A nice old fashioned saying Reya. It's a small class (tanked economy) so it should not be too stressful.

    I don't feel organized Joanne. Hopefully whatever I forget won't be too important.

    Yes, Madame, turtle care. A red ear slider that my son brought home when he was 11. He's 30 now. I plan a post on the subject.

  8. Blown away. That's the only way I can express what I'm feeling right now. I just spent about 45 minutes looking at your Web site and reading about becoming a glass artist. I have always loved pate de verre and your work is stunning. Then I discovered your architectural work and I was even further amazed.

    I can't believe I missed the chance to see your work while I was in Houston!!!!

    Good luck with your class. What will you be teaching?

    I can't wait to read more about your amazing artistic journey!

  9. Thanks Kathleen. The class is on pate de verre. It's been awhile since I did a post on the becoming a glass artist thread. I have about 5 more installments already written up but I was looking for a picture that I know I have to post with the next 'chapter' but I can't find it, everything being packed up as it is. I may continue without it.


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