Friday, July 29, 2016

a bit more politics and a guardian

I let politics in to write my last post and became obsessed, well, until my daughter walked in Sunday late afternoon and figuratively thumped me upside the head. Why do you want to fill your head with all that garbage, she asked. Why indeed. Two days wasted.

I've watched some of the Democratic Convention. First time ever. I watched Al Franken's speech and some of Bill Clinton's speech and wish I had watched the whole thing but, you know, life intervenes. Missed Michelle's speech but I hear it was what we would expect from her, and listened to Joe Biden and our wonderful President, Barak Obama, who both gave great speeches.

I tried to watch some of the Republican convention, also first time ever, but I couldn't tolerate the obvious false empire-in-ruins dialog they were touting, the fear they were trying to encourage, the promise to 'be tough', and every example they gave implied that it was Hillary Clinton's fault. It makes you wonder, right? How much trouble they take to vilify that woman. And how long they have been at it. Corrupt, evil, liar, killer, untrustworthy. This is the most investigated woman, person, in this country, probably in history. Millions, many millions of dollars have been spent to find one thing, any thing and not one single indictment. Nobody is that powerful. And that's what it is and has been about...power. And who has it and who they don't want to get it. She's been getting in their faces and forcing change since she came of age. I want to do a piece on Hillary but I don't want it to be this so...moving on.

I have, still, been reading some of the political shit on FB but I have, for the most part, stopped commenting or even reading the comments and when I do comment I never, well, hardly ever, go back and read any replies.

So this is also going on. My youngest grandgirl is here for her week. She's 15 this year, the latter years of Granny Camp. The grand boy basically lives here though he's at home this week. The twins already spent a month this summer in Poland and Israel so they need to work the rest of the summer though we are on a mission next Sunday. So Robin has been here since Sunday and I haven't taken a single picture I just realized. We are building a driveway guardian bottle tree totem. We won't finish before she leaves but at least we are started. Got the holes drilled today with Marc's help. This is sort of what we're doing but it won't look exactly like this. Mine's going to have wings and a plate flower 'head'.

I saw that one when my sister and I went out to Glen Flora to an estate sale which was next door. So Robin and I drove out to Glen Flora to get a better look at it and maybe even go knock on the door. As it turned out, it was starting to rain when we got there and the guy came out as I was walking up and we stood in the garage and talked while Robin and Minnie waited in the car. Turns out he is a metal sculptor/artist and he was very forthcoming with how he made it and offered to make the metal armature that anchors it in the ground for me for mine. And he collaborates with other artists to help them with stands and stuff for their work. Which is great because I have been looking for someone local who could help me with that.

So that's why I haven't been around much.


  1. Far better to be doing anything with your granddaughter than obsessing over the politics on FB. I know.
    And you are doing art with her!
    THIS is what's important.
    Love you, Ellen.

  2. I started watching the Republican Convention, but couldn't stand it for long. I waited until NPR and Bill Maher discussed it. The Democratic Convention was good. I didn't watch the whole thing, but it was great to listen to the President and First Lady, to Bernie reminding people what is all about... But I understand your daughter. I stayed away (mostly) from the nonsense going on social media. It was toxic.

  3. What a cool thing! I'm thinking of how to do one for myself, it's such a happy thing.
    You know, you can watch any of the speeches you want to watch on Youtube.
    I'll look forward to your post on Hillary.

  4. I managed five minutes of the RNC. I've watched Michelle, Bill Clinton, Barack, the generals, all on internet feeds. I'll pick up Hillary in a bit. When she walked out on that stage when Barack was done, I cried, and I'm 73 years old. My god, what she has put up with, and now the Eagle has landed.

  5. I have seen a few speeches on the today Show, but stayed away from it.

  6. Hillary's speech was the best one Ellen. My own husband is voting for Trump. Why? Because though he doesn't like Trump, he doesn't want her to win. She and Barbara Jordan are two of my heroes. I'm holding my breath till November because I'm scared there are enough dumb people out there to vote for Drumpf. I wish I had the money to move out of the US if he becomes President. Idiocy.

  7. Politics is important. We cannot ignore it and pretend we do not want to sway others. That is a lie. We care about it and while we should take breaks, we also should be involved. Those of us who are retired have no bosses or co-workers to deal with, so we can be a forthcoming as we like!!

  8. We watched a lot of the last two days - I was in tears for a lot of it. Gah! Pretty amazing stuff.

    Love the bottle tree idea!

  9. My thoughts on the conventions echo yours quite closely. If Trump's vision of America is true. I don't want any part of it. Forty years they've been attacking Hillary yet she's still standing. November 8th is my birthday and all I want is for Hillary to win.

  10. Really like this pole...looking forward to seeing yours

  11. I watched most of the Democratic convention and loved it. Many of the speeches brought me to tears, especially the one by the Muslim dad. I did not watch the Republican convention because I have heard enough hateful rhetoric.

  12. I hate politics more with each passing week.

    However I love your bottle tree totem, and glad you found somebody to help with anchoring it. Cool.

  13. I like the wine bottle totem, especially the blue and green colors. How great that you talked to the artist and found the type of help you've been looking for. I love when that happens.

    I watched both conventions because I am a politics junky, and because I like to know what the other side is saying. This is the time for Hillary because she can do what needs to be done. The Democratic convention was one for the ages and left me feeling positive about what's possible.

  14. Interesting totem! I love the concept of bottle trees. I've never seen one quite like this!


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