Friday, July 15, 2016


Well, I've been back almost 2 weeks and I have supervised the installation of the residential job that's been waiting for a couple of months and still did not get the door panel in because of damage to the molding caused by the contractor's people who removed the existing glass. So now I'm waiting to hear when they get that repaired.

I finished the second full size drawing and started on the third for the A&M job and ordered the glass.

And I had an appointment in the city this week for a new job (two shower enclosures and a toilet enclosure) and they want it in the fall.

I've also spent a considerable amount of time watering the yard. It is so hot and dry. We've had no rain since a week before I left. And I've set up the pool but haven't been in it yet.

So I'm back to the real world and my real life, keeping the bird feeder and bird baths full, watering the yard, walking the dog, going to yoga, and working. This will be my life for the next several months.

Before I left, I did a post of things that were blooming during the first half of June which was supposed to self publish while I was gone. It didn't so here it is.


Today, Friday the 17th, is 5 days in a row without rain. Three days after the last rain the ground looked like this...

Unreal, right?  It's even worse after 5 days.  Everyone around here is noticing the same thing. Already having to water. The pots certainly as they dry out fast but the stuff in the ground as well. You'd think all that water over the last two months would still be evident.

Well, the altheas (rose of sharon) 

and day lilies are just about done 

while the red crinums 

and white spider lilies are coming into bloom. 

The butterfly weed is robust waiting for the monarchs return in the fall. 

The gingers 

and plumerias are coming into bloom from all the rain and makes it smell sweet at night 

and the star of india that was struggling in the ground for years has quadrupled in size since being put in a pot and is blooming for the first time since it froze to the ground 3 years ago. 

My rangoon creeper is also blooming for the first time after being in the ground for 3 years.

There's more, the plumbago, the roses looking scraggly, the yellow angel trumpet, the orange cosmos which previously has only bloomed in the late summer/fall and this year started blooming almost immediately and have continued as they have grown tall, the yellow bells, the black eyed susans.


  1. This made me smile because I have so many of these plants and some of them I just have not known the name of and was too embarrassed to ask for help in identifying them!
    So thank you.
    My butterfly ginger is looking good this year but hasn't started to bloom yet. I hope it does and profusely. I love the smell of it.
    That dirt looks so thirsty. I hope you get rain.

  2. I really like the way those glass panels look in the house. Very nice. And your flowers make me drool. But you're right. We need rain, and it's not coming. I just saw my first article about The Coming Drought. Oh, gosh. You'd think after all that rain we had we'd been good for a while longer, but it has been cracking 95 just about every day. So, there's that.

  3. Those glass panels look wonderful in the kitchen. Love them.
    And your still my heart. The variety is amazing and I love the spider lilies best!

  4. Man it seems like just yesterday when it wouldn't stop raining there.

  5. Great job on the glass! I can't believe you've been back two weeks already.

    I love a good spider lily. I wish we could grow those in England. Maybe they'd grow in a pot.

    Here's hoping for rain! We've been getting quite a bit of it in Florida.

  6. some unusual blooms, I really like the spider lily

  7. Re-entry is the word for it. Like walking out of a dream.
    We're short on rain, too. I told the handyman I was bringing over the rain barrel and he said what for?

  8. It must be hard getting back into the swing of things after the excitement of your vacation. Your flowers look great, though.

  9. The parade I posted was for the fourth, in a town of less than 500.It coincided with a mass tractor drive across the state. Those were all local people, a big hobby around here.

  10. Routine can be welcome after traveling. Or it can remind you of all the fun you're not having any more. :o)
    Deep envy here over your pool. We're entering our 4th day (and more to come) of 90+ degree weather. Bush league, I know, to a Texan, but hot nonetheless.


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