Friday, July 8, 2016

8. Ol Limp Pecs – UK vs NA

This series starts with “1. I'm home”. All the pictures can be clicked on for larger versions.

Monday, our sixth day, was a studio day 

I work deep, sifting powder, fusing 

with Karen, who is somewhat of an excellent cook, bringing dinner in to us 

and again Tuesday, a studio day with curry on the menu for dinner as prepared by Purnima and her excellent co-cooks. The entertaining evening usually planned for the last night was instead on the night of the seventh day. Marzena would be leaving early on the last day and no one wanted her to miss it.

Lisa, the Master of The Games, handed us each a bag of stuff that we had to create a mascot with for our teams – UK won. Next we had to race swimming windup toys – UK won. Then we had a water balloon toss. Did I mention shots were involved? And a contest to see who could blow the biggest bubble and we clearly won that when Natali built a big compound bubble. A blind drawing contest and a wind-up chattering teeth race.


Lisa explaining the game

Our celebratory dinner, both sides claim victory, 

and Allison, not only a master engraver but player of the Scottish harp and singer of songs as well, gave us four tunes with dessert.


  1. What a blast, I like the competition

  2. So it sort of was a lot of fun and games, eh?

  3. It looks like you met some fun and talented fellow artists over there.

  4. What fun! What an experience. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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