Sunday, July 10, 2016

10. our last night together and Edinburgh

This series starts with “1. I'm home”. All the pictures can be clicked on for larger versions.

After we presented our efforts to the group and talked about our experience and cleaned up the studio, we met back at the Bayview Hotel, where we began this adventure, for one last dinner, lobster and crab caught that very day. Hanging out in the bar, waiting to be called for our dinner, George, retired fisherman and past harbormaster, showed us how to weave nets and splice ropes. Nancy and I had to try our hands at it.

Sam, the son of Michael, the on site go-to guy at the center, played the bagpipes for us while we ate.

Goodbyes said, hugs given, the evening ended.

The next morning as we were scattering to the winds, Nancy and I took one last walk waiting for our ride to Wick where we would once again board the puddle jumper to Edinburgh and then go our separate ways.


Our little plane back to Edinburgh was late and so it was later when I got to my hotel where I had to spend the night because the earliest flight out wasn't until the next morning and so instead of the four or so hours I planned to spend in town, I spent only two. As it turned out, two hours was plenty because I was tired with the last nine days catching up to me.

Once checked in, I hopped the bus to town and wandered up and down the Royal Mile, around Edinburgh Castle, in the Royal Gardens, and through the grounds of a church, and Princes Street, often in the rain. Having no guide, I simply looked without knowing what I looked at.

the castle built on an old volcano

the church at the castle end of the royal garden

private residence at the far end of the garden

he was playing Amazing Grace

part of the Royal Mile

wildflowers growing on castle rock

another shot of the castle

back in the garden

the castle

Weary and hungry, I caught the bus back to the hotel...

as I got off the bus and as it drove away I'm searching all my pockets (6) for my glasses and not finding them. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I have left my glasses on the bus. Resigned to having to buy new glasses when I return home I reached up to sweep the hair off my forehead and...encountered my glasses on my face.

...for dinner and bed to rise at 5:30 the next morning to get my cab to the airport, which brings me full circle to post #1.


  1. I am so glad you found your glasses. I am so glad you had these amazing nine days. I am so glad you shared them with us. And I am so glad I got to see that picture of the lobster.
    Welcome home, well and truly.

  2. It is amazing how the flowers seem to be growing out of the stone outcroppings.A grand trip I am sure you will want to do again.

  3. It sounds like the grey skies did not stop you from enjoying this wonderful trip.

    I know that feeling of relief when finding my glasses on my head. It has happened more than once.

  4. You were tired. Glad you did not really lose your glasses. I think that that part of the world is full of photogenic beauty. I could spend hours just walking about. Did you have trouble understanding the natives?

  5. That's the Edinburgh I remember! Did you go up in the Sir Walter Scott Monument? Dave and I climbed to the top with his dad, and the steps get so narrow it's hard to get through. Kind of creepy, but a nice view.

  6. Great pictures, and so glad you didn't lose your glasses.

  7. Oh man what a journey!! I've just caught up on all 10 posts. So much gorgeousness! It would have been worth it for that alone...

    The glasses thing made me LOL. The other evening I was at someone's house & put my "driving" glasses on my head while I was wearing my "readers." Totally forgot & when I went to switch back I had a bit of a panic because I couldn't remember where they were. Ha!

  8. You saw a lot of town in two hours.Pictures from the other side of the ocean makes civilization on this side seem so young.

  9. You'll be forever rewinding your memory wheels on this one. A journey of a lifetime.

  10. I just loved every one of these posts -- right up to and including that hilarious lobster. Sometimes, it's not necessary to know what we're looking at. Sorting that can come later, through a variety of sources. I'm just glad you saw it all, and shared it with us.


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