Sunday, July 3, 2016

1. I'm home

Got in about 2 AM this morning after 24 hours either on planes or in airports and then the hour and a half ride to the house. If I ever do anything like this again, I will definitely make better travel arrangements. I think I was the last of 13 to get home.

When I walked in the little dog went nuts trying to wrap herself around my neck, sit on my head, hug me, lick me, chew on me all at the same time and her tail could best be described as a blur.

It was a most wonderful trip. I took hundreds of pictures and it will take me some few days to sort through it all and reclaim the experience and mull over how these 9 days with these 13 people will affect my life and work.

But, for starters...

I left about 8:30 AM for the long drive to the airport and to catch my plane to Newark at noon. From Newark to Edinburgh

the big puddle jumper

and then from Edinburgh to Wick

the little puddle jumper

where I was picked up and driven to Lybster 

where North Lands is and dropped off at my lodging, The Rose Cottage.

a small part of Moira's garden

the back of the cottage

After I got settled into my room I walked over to the Center to see if anyone was about but saw no one who I would be spending the next 9 days with so I walked down to the harbor for a bowl of soup at the little cafe/museum there where I did meet Jane Bruce and her assistant Lisa Cerny and then headed back to my lodging for a nap.

We were all to meet at the Bayview Hotel for dinner at 7 PM and Susan Cox and I arrived at the same time, introduced ourselves and both agreed that we had met before though neither of us could remember where or under what circumstances as she lives in NY and I live/d in Houston. As the others arrived we did the meet and greet and had a wonderful buffet dinner together and then went off to our separate lodgings for the night.

The next day we would begin.

I'll just say right now that Scotland is a beautiful unsullied place, at least the part of Scotland where I was to stay for the next week+ and instead of waxing poetic about it I hope the pictures I post will say it for me.

On the walk to the harbor...

footpath lined with cow parsley (yarrow oops, not the same thing) nearly as tall as I am and fragrant white clover

the river/stream, stained brown from running through the peat, drained into the harbor


  1. My advice after getting back from Cuba: Try to get it all down as soon as you can because it fades, even with the photos.
    What different trips we took! And yet, the act of traveling was shared.
    So glad to see you back. So glad to know you are safe and home again with your dog who so obviously missed you. I can't wait to see and hear about Scotland.

  2. What a gorgeous area, I am impressed. It was lonely without you around, but i am sure you were having more fun.

  3. I love your accommodations! The Rose Cottage and accompanying garden look fabulous. I'm glad to hear the trip went well and can't wait for more details You were a LONG way up there!

    I think cow parsley is not quite the same as yarrow. But I could be wrong.

  4. Looks like quite an adventure. It is beautiful.

  5. I know I'm going to enjoy reading about your trip. The map was enormously helpful, and the photographs! I've never been to Scotland (and here I am chockfull of Scottish lineage and married to a Scot), but that photo of the river is enough to put me on a plane tomorrow. Welcome back!

  6. Welcome back. Your pictures are past words.

  7. It sounds like you had a wonderful adventure and I look forward to hearing more and seeing additional pictures.

  8. Welcome home! I'm glad you're safe and sound. You clearly had a fine time, and I'm eager to hear all about it -- ad nauseum, if that would make you happy. There's no reluctance here to see lots and lots of photos!

  9. Every picture is so pretty and I especially like the place where you stayed.


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