Saturday, July 9, 2016

9. the last days

This series starts with “1. I'm home”. All the pictures can be clicked on for larger versions.

On Wednesday, the eighth day, for those that wanted to see the Whaligoe Steps, a quick trip was made in the morning.

The rest of the day was studio time 

I print images of my small engravings and try a small design on the engraving lathe

with a field trip to owner of Bullseye Glass Lani McGregor's manse in Latheronwheel for drinks and a tour of her house and art collection and restored barn and walled garden.

And then off to dinner once more at the Bay Owl.

On our last day, Thursday, we finished up our projects and tests, cleaned up our spaces and presented our explorations, and cleaned up the the rooms that make up North Lands Creative Glass.

You might think that with all the field trips we wouldn't have had time to accomplish much but lots of new things were done, new ideas played with, old ideas tweaked, new directions considered, and so much sharing. This group seemed to come together immediately, everyone enjoying the mix and engaging everyone else, always willing to stop and help when someone asks. There were discussions of ideas, new techniques shared and learned, input gotten and given. Test samples fused, frit slumped, glass paint painted and fired, stone ground and bottles cut up, castings made, glass plates engraved and sandblasted, prints lifted, drawings drawn on paper and rocks.

It will take some time before this time seeps through and out in my work but already, I am rethinking my idea for the moon panel series, I have an idea that might be informing my work subconsciously, a duality between what is seemed fragile and what is seemed solid, something I may work on more consciously. I have been introduced to diamond wheel engraving and encouraged by one of the finest engravers now working, something I am very interested in following up on. she told me I have a knack for it I have an idea for another set of panels. I worked spontaneously, something I rarely do, and the result was better than the more controlled piece. There's a lesson here.

Thank you Jane.


  1. I'm glad to hear it was productive! You definitely saw some amazing scenery! :)

  2. As hard as it is for some of us to step out of our comfort zones, there is never any doubt that we grow from the experience.
    I feel certain that you and I would agree on that after our completely different but completely similar stepping-out.
    Love you, Ellen. I do.

  3. Trips like this change people. You have come home with so much more than just memories. Can't wait to see some of the new ideas, new work!!!

  4. Amazing trip to have taken.It is always fun to meld minds and think as a group with interest ranging over a broad spectrum.The meeting of the minds, i hope you all stay in touch with new projects.

  5. I am too impressed to say much coherent. The landscape, the photographing of it, the group, the work. Good for you.

  6. You have been very fortunate to experience all of this. I am sure you now have lots of creative juices flowing.

  7. I bet you head is full of ideas that will emerge and influence your art in ways you can't yet imagine. This is an exciting time for you.


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