Tuesday, July 19, 2016

unexpected day off

I finished the last full size drawing for the A&M job yesterday so today has been sort of an unplanned day off that I didn't quite know what to do with so basically I got pretty much nothing accomplished. Took the dog to get her nails trimmed. Now I have to get copies and make working drawings, diagrams that show the sequence of the pieces to be removed during the actual carving of the glass. Which I don't do. This diagram has to translate what I think to a list of ascending numbers. Not that the guy who does it doesn't understand but because it makes it easier to map it out. Then, finally, I'll be ready to cut the stencils.

Here's another picture of the yellow ginger just because it looked so pretty this morning.

It's finally gotten dry enough for the pecan trees to start dropping the little barely formed pecans, about 3/4”. That or it's just the time of year when the trees get rid of some of the excess pecans which seems to be July. 

It appeared to be just the one tree by the barn, I noticed yesterday, the one that has lost four big limbs in the last several years. This morning I walked out to see that it has lost another big limb.

Huge white puffy clouds filled the sky yesterday and it was dark to the north and east with thunder rumbling in the distance. Unfortunately for us, the storm dumped it's water on the city and passed us by. As it turned out, it rained all around us as I could see the downpour later to the northwest.

While we didn't get any rain then (two small showers today), it did keep the temperatures down some and gave us a partial rainbow this morning.

Every morning I have to go out and check the water lily pond because there is usually a couple of toads in there and they can't get out. I have found a drowned one on occasion. Yesterday I checked the pond and there were 9 toads in there. So now they have a little ramp. Not too pretty but there weren't any toads stuck in the pond this morning.

Rumor has it I may be getting a functioning kiln soon. The new controller board should arrive today and I've got 9 molds waiting to be filled and fired. It's been 5 months since the meltdown!



  1. Just discovered you via Friko ... awesome blog ... I will try and follow you ... Love, cat.

  2. That ginger is gorgeous. I want to get one, but it would have to go inside every winter I believe.

  3. All looks good. Love those distant showers. I grew edible ginger last year, had to put it in the greenhouse when it got too cold, but produced a crop for me which I put in the freezer. I always forget it's there. Love the toad ramp.

  4. Those cloud formations are spectacular.

  5. Love the cloud/rainbow pic.. and that you placed a ramp for your toads. You're a gem. :)

  6. I just love your ginger plant. I've never grown ginger in New York. Not sure why... I think I'm ready to start one in a pot.

    Love that you built a ramp to keep the toads safe. ♥


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