Monday, August 1, 2016

only one Granny Camp this year

We finally got a good rain a week ago last Sunday and then again on Monday night and Tuesday morning. About 6” in all. Which was really nice as it's been since before I left for Scotland that we've had any to speak of. Cooled things down a bit for a short-lived day. We're in the Dog Days now. It's currently 91˚, heat index 101˚ and it's supposed to get up to 97˚ today. The Dog Days don't usually make themselves known til mid-August.

Last week Robin, the youngest grandgirl, was here for her week, the only Granny Camp of the year. The week just flew by. Neither of us could believe it was already time to return her home yesterday. As mentioned in my last post, I was very lax in taking pictures.

Monday we did the grocery shop and just hung around the rest of the day. She's 15 this year and this is the first year since she was little that she didn't sleep til noon or 2 PM every day. She was up every morning before 8 AM and went to bed early every evening, trying to maintain her school sleep schedule. 

Tuesday is the day we went to take a closer look at the bottle tree that I mentioned in my previous post. Wednesday we went to see The Legend Of Tarzan which we both enjoyed. Besides all those nearly naked gorgeous men, it has always been a favorite story of mine and I watched all the Tarzan movies as a kid.

After the movie we went to the lumber yard to get the wood for our driveway bottle tree guardian then to yoga (no picture) and Thursday we worked on it with help from Marc. Robin worked the drill press (and again I did not think to get a picture) until she had had enough. We got all the holes for the bottle necks drilled in the 4”x4” and I drew the pattern on the metal for the 'wings' and the cross pieces of wood but they haven't been cut out yet. 

And we made a pie. 

Robin had looked up recipes and picked out a lemon cheesecake pie which, once baked, had to cool completely and then chill for 4 to 5 hours so it was Friday before we actually ate any of it. She took one bite, got up and spit it out, and said it was the nastiest thing she had ever put in her mouth. Marc and I had some and it tasted fine to us, not like a cheesecake exactly but it wasn't a cheesecake but a cheesecake pie. Having never made one before or even tasted one before I have no idea what it was supposed to taste like.

Friday we went to an estate sale and then did the shops in Wharton keeping our eyes out for suitable pieces for the plate flower 'head' for the totem.

Saturday I worked all day at the antique store and that evening we made the plate flower. 

Sunday we headed out to Glen Flora again to go to our favorite re-sale shop where Robin got a slinky black dress for $5 

and the antique Emporium next door where I found another antique glass shade for the ceiling fan.

Then it was time to take her home and meet up with the twins for our outing. More on that next post.


  1. Oh, Ellen! She is so pretty, that girl, and is one of our beautiful girls who just shine with a light that comes from the heart and soul. What a good thing that you get to have her for an entire week to yourself. She will never forget this nor all the years that came before and I know that all she has learned from you will be part of her forever.
    You are an inspiration.
    (And you're beautiful, too, by the way.)

  2. What a treat for both of you. I always spent a week during the summer with my grandparents, too, and even though I saw them regularly at other times (they lived only about 30 miles away) that week was special.

    I love the first photo. It's a good one. But I confess I drooled just a little when I saw those two lamps in the second photo. I've gotten rid of most of mine, but I still have three big ones, and a little collection of miniature oil lamps. I do love them. No more buying for me, though. If anything, I need to disperse a few.

  3. Granny Camp sounds like fun for more than grandchildren.
    Movies, pie, crafts and shopping? Sign me up!

  4. You have had a great time. As they age the time together gets less,too bad they don't stay puppies, but it is fun to watch them grow full of your ideas.

    I had a cultivated toad lily that had checkered petals,the one I showed is a native species.Glad you liked it.

  5. You make me want to go out shopping. I'll have the grandkids (young and wild) for the last week before school starts. It wears me out. It will be the third time this summer.

  6. What a wonderful week you had. She is a lovely young lady and I am sure those memories that you made that week will be with her forever.

    I love doing one on one with my grandchildren. Those are the times when we share ourselves completely with each other with no other voices around. They are so special.

  7. Beautiful, beautiful dress on that beautiful grandgirl. Nice you had a good week together.

  8. You can see the imp of a personality in the photos and that means she must be a bit of fun! WE all need young fun!

  9. Sounds like you guys had a great time. Hard to believe that pie didn't taste good: it looks delicious.

  10. What a beautiful granddaughter you have! She looks like she has a wonderful sense of humor. I remember my summer vacations with my grandmother as some of the fondest memories of my life.
    But the time does fly doesn't it?

  11. She's so pretty! And wow, you guys look alike!

  12. That sounds like a fun week. I hope I get a chance to have weeks like that when my grandchildren are older. You are a fun grandmother!

  13. Well, you certainly stayed busy! Sorry the cheesecake pie (whatever that is) didn't turn out as expected. And that dress, for $5, may be the bargain of the century!

  14. I had a look at your previous post too; like you I’ve been a bit obsessed with politics but maybe I’ll give it a rest for a while and think of something less enervating,like watching paint dry.

    Luckily you had a glorious week with your darling granddaughter. Such fun when they’re a bit older and you share a wavelength. Enjoy every minute because the time will come when you lack the energy for that sort of energetic week.


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