Saturday, August 20, 2016

turns out there were two this year

Last Sunday when I went in to pick up Autumn (a last minute surprise visit as the twins spent a month in Poland and Israel this summer and needed to work the rest of the summer at their jobs as helpers at the summer camp program at a local gymnastic gym which ended a week ago yesterday so Autumn called and wanted to spend the last week of summer with us), I stopped at Trader Joe's to pick up a few things, among them this box of peaches. As you can see, we've already eaten half of them.

We didn't do a whole lot, mostly because it rained every day and I had to work on these diagrams and she had summer homework to finish. Even so we did have some fun.

The twins turned 18 this summer so I asked Autumn if they had registered to vote yet and she said no so the first thing we did was download the forms and fill them out. Autumn mailed hers and is taking Jade's home so she can sign it and mail it off.

And because they are still practicing how to drive, Autumn chauffeured me around all week.

She did have one project she wanted to do which was to fancy up her blue jean jacket with colorful cloth and ribbons and trim.

We went to the movies and saw Bad Moms which was funny and sweet. Kind of a date movie for going to with your girlfriend moms.

We made an attempt to go to the beach. I had checked the weather report for Matagorda and it showed partly cloudy but no rain even though it was raining here. I didn't think that was unusual because often in the summer when it is raining inland, it is sunny at the beach. So we headed out and quickly drove out of the rain and then about halfway there we drove into the rain again which was coming down so hard I could not see 20 feet in front of me and I even pulled over for a few minutes. But then we drove out of it again to a sunny sky until we got to the beach where we parked at the little pavilion with the picnic tables and walked down the path through the dunes to the beach. This is what we saw...

...another storm raining like mad over the Gulf and moving inland. We hadn't been there 5 minutes when it started to sprinkle and then the wind picked up and the rain started pelting us. We were soaked to the skin before we could get back to the car and, not planning on going swimming, just walking along the beach, we had not brought any towels with us. note to self...ALWAYS take a towel when you go to the beach.

We had taken Minnie with us for her first visit to the beach which she seemed to be enjoying in the 5 minutes before it started raining though she wasn't too sure about the surf. Minnie doesn't like the rain much even when she is inside and dry so when the rain came in I scooped her up and carried her as we dashed back to the car and by the time we got there she was just a quivering lump of wet flesh. She rode home in my lap.

And of course, we did the little shops in town and Glen Flora where our favorite resale shop is where everything over a dollar is half price.

PS...I know it looks like Autumn wore the same clothes all week but what really happened is that I failed to take pictures as stuff happened so we staged all these.


  1. Oh god. To think that I could hang out with Owen when he is eighteen is beyond a dream. Thank you for these grandmother posts which help to define and redefine what a grandmother is and can be.
    And hell yes- the weather at the beach is never what we think it's going to be. What amazing pictures!

    1. I feel so lucky that they still want to hang out here with us. but they grew up right next door and our house was their house so in a way it's like being at home for them.

  2. I would not have noticed Autumn's apparel if you hadn't mentioned it. Summer sure is winding down.

  3. That looks like one stormy sky above that beach. Glad to hear you guys had a good time in spite of the weather.

  4. Wow, that looks like a serious storm! Dogs are funny about surf. My dad's dachshund was scared to death of Gulf waves.

    Those peaches look great. In my experience, buying a good peach is a hard thing to do. But yours may be better down there, since you're closer to peach-growing country.

  5. How lucky you are to have all that time with your 18 year old granddaughter. Usually, at that time in their lives they are very busy with their friends and activities. No matter the storms, it looked like you had a good time with each other.

  6. What a fun time for all. That weather can really change fast.

  7. You area lucky Gramma! I long to spend that kind of time with mine, but they all have so many activities. Seems I am last on their list!

  8. A stormy day at the beach can be fun, too.

  9. Seems like you had a great week, even doing very little. Granddaughters like your Autumn are a pleasure to host.

    By the way, you need to see a doctor about your dysphagia. I have a swallowing problem, something to do with my oesophagus not working properly occasionally. You can learn to avoid certain actions. Still, sometimes I have real scary moments too.

  10. grandkids are such a hoot...a group of mine just moved to Lake hour or so closer to our house...

  11. Sounds like the perfect week to me. We take our chances when we buy peaches here ~ usually buy one or two to try and go back for more if they are good. Autumn is a lovely young woman. Yeah for registering to vote!


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