Sunday, August 17, 2014

vacay, part V and a missed selfie

Well, it finally happened. 9 PM Saturday evening I realized I missed my Friday selfie.

In my defense, I would like to say I was immersed in an activity with my grandgirl and we had to git 'er done, as it were. Also, there was no other adult on site to remind me. And...I wasn't feeling well. I've been suffering from a weird intestinal ailment all week. Better now, thank you. So now, the dilemma is do I do one now or just accept the missed week.

I think probably I will just accept the missed week. It wouldn't be accurate anyway if I took it now.

So on our last day of this wonder adventure, we returned to Wheeler to explore the antique mart there. This place was huge, a regular warren especially towards the back. When I found out they had 110 vendors who paid not only rent but a percentage of their sales, I questioned the ability of such a large place with so many vendors for everyone to be profitable. Do they really get that much traffic to support so many vendors, I asked. You'd be surprised, the attendant said.

After we left the antique maze we went into a small shop that had handmade items by various artists. Terri and I walked in together and while I was looking at some things on a display case with my back to her, I heard her say something to the effect of...Ellen, this is so you. I turned around to see her holding a necklace with five silver leaves hanging from a cord. She was right. I took it from her hand and didn't put it down until I was ready to pay.

I bought some other things there too.

This bookmark out of a very thin piece of wood,

and these two birds cut out of sheet metal and left to rust.

Before I joined everyone in the coffee shop next door, I popped into another little shop and found these earrings.

Then it was back to the house for a scavenged lunch of leftovers and packing and loading up the cars and heading back to Portland where us four out of towners were staying overnight with Catharine and one last meal together before heading out the next day to our various destinations.


  1. i do like that necklace! but i LOVE the rusty bird on your windowsill!

  2. I must say your friend looks very healthy...I am envious! Yes the necklace is a nice half-selfie.

  3. All gorgeous. I am so glad you found such beautiful things to buy and bring home to give you such sweet tactile and visual rememberings.

  4. Good your friends knew it was "so you"; it is beautiful.

  5. You found some treasures, but the best is having the friends you enjoyed your time with.

  6. Ellen! I've been out of the blogosphere for awhile, on Planet Wedding-Time, and just got to you. I was thinking, dang, that's a cool necklace, too bad she bought it somewhere in Texas...when I remembered that you're here in Oregon. So I just scrolled down to see/read your adventures. What a blast! I never liked oysters before moving here either, and still can't eat them raw. Your pics are amazing, and I am imagining you-imagining-them in your head as glass works. Glass sea stars and anemones...

  7. What fun. And I love your taste in jewelry and decor, great finds.


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