Friday, August 15, 2014

vacay, part IV

The next morning, that would be Tuesday, our little group split up with Leigh, Terri, and Denise going back to Nehalem State Park while the rest of us lounged around a bit longer.

Abi suggested we go to Oceanside where there were rocks with opal deposits in them that would get washed out and you could find them on the beach so we got ourselves together and joined the others at Nehalem where they were sketching with charcoal that Leigh had inserted into long pieces of cane.

Abi joined in with a long piece of driftwood in the sand.

Another structure.

I entertained myself by balancing rocks.

Heading back to the cars.

We arrived at Oceanside as the tide was starting to come in and we needed to get on the other side of a formation so a few of us waded around the point while the others traversed the tunnel through the rock. While we were waiting for the rest of our group to emerge from the tunnel, I noticed something on the rock face of the cliff.

Do you see it?

How about now?

When we returned, it was gone.

The water at until the wave breaks green.

Looking for opals. Terri found one and Abi found enough to give each of us one.

Rock with opal deposits.

One more of many feather pics.

We returned through the tunnel which had these portholes in it.

On our way back from opal hunting we stopped briefly at another state park which had a great overlook. We were hoping to spot whales, as Abi claimed to be a whale magnet, but we saw nary a one all week.

Back at the beach house we had another fun evening with lots of laughter.

Our appetizer...prosciutto and figs with olives.


  1. Very artistic - and amazingly balanced! - cairns, Ellen.
    And I'll take some of that prosciutto, please!

  2. Eating well and a lovely ocean to explore

  3. Best choice of places to go, a longer stay would have been nice! Your balancing rocks are really cool! You hit the weather just right, too, rain has returned...

  4. love the cliff scene. and your cute little toy guy. nice cairns, too!

  5. The ocean, wherever she is, is so majestic and delivers so many mysteries to us.

  6. That is a vacation I would love!

  7. gosh, super adventures with great views

  8. Getting better every day. The cairns are amazing; I've tried and fail at four.

  9. What a great vacation!

    Oh I know those Pacific ocean rocks. Love your stacks - you're like Andy Goldsworthy.

    I took many pictures of driftwood at Crescent Lake last Thanksgiving. It's almost alien looking.

    Very cool.

  10. I love your balanced rocks! I used to find cairns like that whenever I walked in the hills around my village when I lived in Morocco. I always wondered who built them and why. Just to say "I was here," I suppose.


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