Tuesday, August 12, 2014

vacay, part III.1

I picked up my youngest grandgirl Robin on Sunday for her week so my personal time is limited.

Monday we stopped at Cannon Beach briefly so we could see Haystack Rock. It was a little hazy but cleared up later to a gorgeous day. 

Next we all piled into the cars and headed for Ecola State Park where we stopped at an overlook for another view of Haystack Rock from the other side.

That's it, the most distant rock with it's point and that furthermost beach that you can barely see is where we were previously.

Then we took a little walk through the forest to the edge of the bluff for a panoramic view of the beach we were headed to. That gray band in the lower right of the last picture is a wide swath of smooth stones, what I always called 'river rocks' only there was no river.

On the way there we passed a small herd of young elk grazing. This one was right by the roadside.

Crossing the swath of rocks.

We arrived at low tide and headed for the tide pools where we saw anemones, mussels, barnacles, and starfish. There's some kind of virus killing off the starfish and we saw several that were obviously ill.

Later, we headed back to Cannon Beach for a late lunch and after that to Wheeler to get oysters and crab for dinner.

Another panoramic view on the way back.

to be continued...


  1. That is so cool that you've been to Cannon Beach. I live about four hours away. Been there several times. It's one of my favorite vacation spots. So glad you were able to see it. On a sunny day it's amazing.

  2. love the 2nd and last views! wow!

  3. The scenery is superb. We have a big algae related fish kill happening in western Lake Erie right now. So bad they had to issue a do not drink order to the city of Toledo.

  4. We're about to get a massive red tide in the Gulf. Killing fish and creatures and making it hard for humans to breath.
    Your pictures are so pretty.

  5. What a wondrous place you are. Much of it looks like another planet to me.

  6. Love exploring the tidal pools. You found some treasures.

  7. We drove up the coast of Oregon two years ago and thought it was beautiful. Your photos renew my wish to return.

  8. I love seeing Oregon through your eyes! How fun.

    Cannon Beach is a place where I spent a lot of time when I was there. Breathtaking. i went to steel drum camp there. Fun memories.


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