Sunday, August 10, 2014

vacay, part II

Alright, so maybe not a book, but perhaps a short story.

Sunday, the weather was gorgeous and we went to Nehalem State Park. Actually, we had gorgeous weather all week. Unusual apparently to have this many pretty days in a row.

I was amazed at how much driftwood there was, tons of it and huge logs and cut off tree trunks that would have taken at least four of us to encircle, maybe more. We passed a couple of guys erecting a teepee like shelter, digging holes to anchor the logs. Further down the beach we came on this huge structure.

Natalie and I hung back to explore it while the others walked on.

I wondered how many years it had been here, how many different groups of people had added to it over those years.

As you can see, I was pretty fascinated with this structure.

Later, Catharine, Natalie, Abi, and I went back to the parking lot and walked on the other side where the beach was covered with barnacle encrusted rocks.

I was pretty fascinated with these as well.

There were small feathers in the sand everywhere and it became a recurring theme in my pictures.

We headed back to Manzanita for a late lunch at the taco/burrito place and then settled in to cocktails on the back patio.

Hydrangeas are everywhere there in Portland and the coastal towns, not only the standard pinks and blues but purples and every shade in between. This one was in the side yard of the beach house.



  1. barnacles creep me out. :) that driftwood structure is pretty darn cool. :)

  2. All that wood makes me swoony with delight. I'm serious.

  3. The structure looks like a dinosaur.

    Pretty flower.

  4. Yes, all of this looks like home!

  5. Love the driftwood structure. I wonder how it came to be, too. The eye appeal of a sand castle, and not ephemeral.

  6. Looks terrific! Was this near Haystack Rock in Oregon, west of Portland? I've been to that stretch of coast, and it kind of looked like that. The barnacles on the rocks are great.

  7. I’d love a gathering like that once in a while; not too often but certainly annually.

    That pile of driftwood is very attractive, like a pile of bleached bones.

    I’d certainly also do like you and come back with a bag full of rocks and skeletons and bits of wood.

  8. I suspect the driftwood and barnacles have inspired some new art ideas. I love the way you women "settle into cocktails." I could SO hang out with you.

  9. I would have been crawling around inside that driftwood sculpture :)

  10. I love that driftwood castle!!

    So many beautiful parts of the world...



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