Friday, August 8, 2014

doing re-entry and the selfie

It finally pinged on my consciousness oh, shit, this is Friday that this is Friday. I mean, I knew it was Friday on a surface level cause I had to pick up my sister's dogs and bring them to my house because she left town yesterday as I was getting back and I also know I have to work tomorrow meaning tomorrow is Saturday and thus today is Friday, but selfie Friday had not risen to the surface.

I got back yesterday late, like 9:30ish late. I left Portland noonish, got in 6ish, stopped for dinner in the city and then the drive home. No more staying overnight in the city house for an early or late flight.

Today I am a zombie. It's almost 4:30 and I'm just now almost unpacked. Which means I spread out all the rocks and things I brought back and got all my dirty clothes out and in a pile.

We transitioned from high summer to the dog days while I was gone. It is so fucking hot out there it's impossible to be outside for more than just a very short time. Nevertheless, I have watered some plants, changed the filter and adjusted the chemicals on the pool, filled the teacup feeder, scooped as much of the string algae out of the little water lily pond as I could...all in separate forays.

There is nothing to do about August except to endure it, 

except that it's not too bad out there after about six or so, in the shade, doing nothing, with a little breeze, listening to the wind chimes and the wind clackers.


  1. welcome back! and YES, it's HOT! 102 here today but i bet we're dryer (drier?) than you are down there in humid-land!

    having to water my crape myrtles for the 2nd time this week, just to keep them alive. every time someone blogs about how they LOVE hot and dry weather, i want to show them my poor suffering bushes/trees. *sigh*

  2. Same here. Endure. And try to catch every breeze we can. You are beautiful.

  3. Hi of 81° here. This has been the coolest summer in a while. I'm loving it.

    You look relaxed in the selfie...

  4. Great selfie - you look so serene!

  5. In Portland they panic when it gets 75.Staying a cool 81 today here, may have to turn on the air.Like your treasures

  6. I love the treasures you brought back from the west coast. Hope you had a super great time and that you take a moment to breathe and then rejoin the reality of hot August endurings.....xoxo Oma Linda

  7. All I know is 85 here in Portland feels just as hot to me as 95 in Oklahoma. It's more humid here and that is what kills me. If you don't walk around much it's really nice but if you're out walking and go inside to no AC, well ugh...

  8. We FINALLY have gotten somewhat hot. I mean, last week I thought nothing of taking a walk during my lunch hour, but this week I'll be waiting until 8:30 or so - after dinner.

    Love your relaxed selfie!


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