Wednesday, August 27, 2014

late summer in the yard

While most of the summer was surprisingly moderate, August has been very hot and dry. In fact we have been having our hottest days so far this year this past week and so the pecan trees have been dropping their immature pecans by the bucket full. And the tree that lost three large limbs last summer, lost another one last week.

Not much has bloomed this year that bloomed all summer last year due to the late March hard freeze we had. The star of india is barely 12” tall since it took so long to come out. The plumerias, with one exception, have not bloomed but I thought I had lost them all. The ginger is just now starting to bloom but not lushly. 

The morning glory bush that was so profuse last year is putting on only a grudging flower or two. My desert rose which I have had for at least 8 years and I think longer and has grown profusely finally bloomed for the first time ever. Two flowers so far and two more buds. 

The day lilies have been surprising. Several varieties put up a second round of bloom scapes. I have day lilies blooming out there right now, in late August. Not many, but some. The point is, I don't think I have ever had day lilies blooming this late in the year. 

The altheas seem to be doing an extended bloom also. Not many, but some. One of the biggest altheas, maybe the biggest, did not come back from the winter. I knew it was doing poorly. I think it finally succumbed to damage from the terrible drought we had several summers ago.

The new transplantees are in a holding pattern. The ginger seems to be settling in but it won't bloom til next year. If I don't move it. The two splits off the heritage rose are putting on new growth and one even produced a little flower. The beauty berry and mexican bird of paradise are survivors. Jury's still out on the yesterday, today, and tomorrow and another star of india. The bulbs will be fine but it may take them a year to bloom again.

Been noticing some of the smaller inhabitants around here.

This walking stick is missing a front leg but was determined to climb up the siding upon which it could not get a grip.

Small praying mantis on the mexican bird of paradise.

A young grasshopper.

Anole basking in the sun.

What the hell is this thing with it's spade head and all?


  1. ooh! funky looking worm! have no idea! :)

  2. Love your bug pics! They are excellent.

    I watched a super long worm trying to climb my front steps. I was feeling a lot of empathy for it as it struggled. Finally it slunk back down and disappearing in a crack in the wall.

    Too bad about the pecans. Though after last year's harvest, you probably still have a stash. Last year was the ridiculously abundant harvest, right? Or have I lost track of time?

  3. The good news is, the yard is mostly there and will be in good order in good time. On the other hand, I'm glad that snake is not in my yard.

  4. I love your yard and garden reports. They are so similar to mine and they remind me of things I want to plant. A desert rose, for sure.
    That worm sort of freaks me out. Ick.

  5. It will be fun to add and change your new beds. You have a good touch so I'm sure it soon be full.

  6. I thought all walking sticks were female. I looked it up...1 in 1000 are male??

  7. Hammerhead worm. [No, I don't think there is any such thing that gross, but it's what I thought when I saw it.]

    Your pictures are always so beautiful. I could decorate my house with any number of them.

    How's Big Mama? :)

  8. Let us hope that worm is not a malformation due to the changing weather!!

  9. Oh Ellen, your yard is just like you, perfectly gorgeous, and I love the bugs best! Wonderful stroll through your little backyard world, thank you! I needed that!

  10. Awww, poor walking stick. You gotta admire his/her determination.

    I especially love your bug photos. I have no idea what's up with that worm.

    I'm glad your plumerias survived. Maybe you'll see flowers next year?

  11. Love all the critters among your greenery. That worm looks like a hammerhead.


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