Wednesday, August 20, 2014

granny camp 5.4

fifth year, fourth child

The Saturday after I returned from my little vacation on the Oregon coast, I drove into the city to pick up my youngest grandgirl for her week.

Robin only had one thing she wanted to do which was get the transfer paper that you could print your own images on and iron them onto fabric so Monday we did all the shopping for her visit.

Since she would stay up late every night and sleep til late in the day, it took us most the week to pick and prepare and test print out all the images. She had three t-shirts for herself, one for her mom, and one for her dad.

On Friday it was time to work on the shirts. I had previously bought a pack of cotton transfer sheets for Jade but we didn't get to it during her visit so we picked up an extra pack (not the cotton) for dark fabrics. Everything went well, they printed nicely and seemed to iron on fine. They felt a little stiff so Robin wanted to wash her shirts to see if the transfer backing would soften up. The two with the regular, vinyl feeling transfers came out of the wash great. The two shirts with the cotton transfers were a disaster. The colors faded terribly and the transfers were lifting off the shirts. We had one more of the vinyl transfers left so we redid her favorite with a promise that I would get new transfer paper and redo her other shirt. The third cotton transfer is the one she did for her mother so I have to fetch it back and redo it as well.

We swam in the pool.

We visited the antique store.

She made a peach pie and on another night, brownies for Marc's and my anniversary.

We watched movies.

She made a couple of bracelets for her sisters.

We went to see Guardians Of The Galaxy.

She ate mostly fruit, I think, the whole time she was here.

Her dad and brother came out Sunday to clear a path through the property out here her parents bought so I didn't have to drive her home.

The graphic on her dad's shirt.


  1. It sounds like a perfect week. Having an artist granny is a major win!

  2. the t-shirts sound like a big project. glad you found some that worked.

  3. You are teaching me how to be a good grandma. Thank you.

  4. So nice that you still have such a good relationship as she moves into her teens. I am almost certain that my granddaughter will not want to spend time with us when she is that age. :-(

  5. I have done a transfer where you color a design with special crayons and then iron it on. Sounds like a fun time although she didn't look like much of a antique fan. Happy Anniversary, that is a long time to enjoy.

  6. You are seriously the best grandma ever.

    Love the pool pic!

  7. Looks like you guys had a great week! I might need to see that movie :)

  8. Shirt transfers! I'm not sure how it works but it looks like a great idea. Are they like those old iron-ons we used to buy in the '70s?


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