Saturday, August 13, 2011

other accomplishments

In between grandchild visits we did actually do a couple of jobs.

The first one was the two 5' x 5' windows and the two door lites. This was a remodel of a garden room off the back of a two story brick Georgian that was built on a sloping lot so that the garden room was a couple of steps down from the level of the rest of the house. Back then they leveled the slab instead of raising up the lot and forcing all the drainage onto the adjacent lots like they do now. So the remodel raised up the floor of the garden room to be level with that of the house and they got all new doors and windows, repainted and freshened up the upholstery. And had us do the two windows and doors on the west side to block the view of the driveway and to soften the summer sun.

We worked on the low E insulated glass (double pane) units that the window company ordered or, rather reordered since the guy failed to order them in tempered which the building code required. Nice for us because then we weren't working on them in the frames and holding up the construction. The door lites we did work on in the doors.

These panels are done in an airbrush style instead of the usual carving we do because the tempered glass lites weren't thick enough to carve on.

The second job was a pair of door lites into the master bath from the master bedroom in a high rise. The client wanted a decorative element that provided for light and privacy.

This is the bath side and it wasn't nearly that pink.

I haven't done any casting all summer what with the kids and the jobs. I've got several molds ready but since we've had the power go off three times in the neighborhood in the last week I'm kind of hesitant to start a firing as long as these triple digit days continue.


  1. These windows and doors are absolutely beautiful! You do a fantastic job Ellen.

    Here in Oklahoma we've finally gotten below 100 this past week with a touch of rain and tons of thunder and lightning.

  2. oh my gosh! those are gorgeous!!! wow! such talent and skill!

  3. I would be SO proud of such work Ellen! Congratulations.

  4. Really beautiful, classy, elegant work. Hats off!

    Is this process sort of like etching? Drawing into the surface with a tool? I am ignorant.

  5. I'm in love with the spider web... wow!

  6. Oh my gosh!! How fabulous the windows are! Love them Ellen!!
    They are terrific!
    The texture and the softness all at the same time
    Totally awesome

  7. My goodness, how talented you are - this is simply amazing! I am in complete awe of your skills. Wow!

  8. I wish I had the money to commission some of your work for the chateau. Just looking at the pictures makes me feel peaceful, calm and upbeat. They are beautiful!

  9. Absolutely beautiful! I envy your talent and your artist's eye.

  10. Gorgeousness! I really like the style of your work on these. And, yes, the spider web is really cool!

  11. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL work, Ellen. You are so talented.

  12. I have no idea how you guys do this work. It is stunning.
    If you had a black vehicle, you could probably fire your castings in the trunk and they'd be finished by lunchtime :)


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