Sunday, August 21, 2011

still more misc blog poop

Consulting my little notebook I see I have several awards and mentions to acknowledge.

Hilary over at The Smitten Image has twice graced me lately with a Post Of The Week mention, May 18 for L is for... and June 15 for Play Date (the titles are links in case you missed them). Obviously, she must not have been reading any of my excellent posts for July and August. hee hee, just kidding Hilary. Hilary is an awesome photographer so you should all go over and see the world through her eyes, or eye as the case may be.

And Linda from Blue Skies Sunny Days has recently awarded me the Liebster Blog, for blogs with fewer than 200 followers (or members as blogger calls them now). And yes, I still qualify for that. She's a fairly new reader of mine and obviously doesn't know what the rest of you have already figured out, that this is the Hotel California for blog awards (they can check in but they can never check out). She has recently left San Francisco and moved back to the part of isolated Oklahoma near where she and generations of her family grew up searching, like the rest of us at this point in our lives, for peace and tranquility and wondering why the hell she thinks she will find it in this “godforsaken state” (her words in case you couldn't figure out what the quote marks were for).

I'm supposed to recommend 5 other blogs with less than 200 'members' but when blogger introduced the new dashboard they did away with the 'manage your blogs' function that let you see at a glance which blogs you follow and how many members they have so I would have to visit every friggin' blog I read to find the appropriate ones and, well, I'm just not gonna do that. The real reason, though, is that I'm not very good at following rules. But do go visit Linda at least.

The last thing on my little agenda here is I noticed yesterday that my last post before this one marked 500 for me. And still I ramble on. That's gotta be some kind of milestone, right?


  1. Hi Ellen, congratulations on the post of the week award.

    I won't say anything about being included in the "poop" post because I am simply thrilled to be included period. Anyway, I assume you're referring to the award things, which honestly is a lot of work and I don't know that I would do it again. Although, I very much enjoy all the blogs I follow. I already forgot the new term for follow. These things take time for me to catch on to I'm afraid. Ah well...
    Happy Sunday!

  2. 500 is a nice number to have posted, congrats.I like Hillary's selections and always look forward to seeing who she picks each week.

  3. Congrats on 500 posts.. that is indeed a fine milestone. And for your award from Linda.. oh and the POTW from that pesky Hilary who DID TOO SO read your July and August posts, and as it just so happens.... Oh never mind, you'll see for yourself. ;)

    Thanks for the shout out, Ellen and for your very kind words. You're a gem.

    Oh and, it shows you what I notice (or overlook) but I had no idea that Followers are now Members. You learn something new every day.

  4. and we'll let you keep rambling and we'll keep reading. :)

    congrats to you for all of the above! non-rule-follower rebel you!

  5. Congratulations on 500!

    I don't follow rules very well either.

  6. Congratulations, Ellen!
    I'm sending you my deepest thanks for your continuous support.
    So, from me, you are #1 follower as well!

  7. Fellow non rule follower here.

    Congrats on the 500 posts. I feel like I have been reading, sharing and been your friend for so much longer than that. Weird.

  8. Ellen: Congratulations on the 500 posts. But as a good Texan, you know you are still only half way to El Paso. Keep 'em coming! EFH

  9. A huge milestone, for sure. I wonder how many I would have total, if I hadn't gone through and eliminated most of the first year or two of posts to make more room.

  10. Congratulations on the Liebster award Ellen.

  11. Congrats on your 500th blog - thank God you still ramble on, I'd be lost without you!


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