Friday, August 5, 2011

venting my political spleen

I am feeling very discontent. Probably because I have been exposed to more TV or rather, TV news, than I am used to and it's all been bad. I have lost faith in our politicians and our political process. I no longer believe that they care one whit about the people they are supposed to represent or even about governing. It's about the money and the game. They would sacrifice whatever necessary to further their side in the game while they hold themselves above the general populace.

They vote themselves a raise while denying us a living wage.
They rely on their government paid health policy while cutting funding to Medicare and Planned Parenthood.
They will fall back on their government pensions while cutting Social Security.
They send their kids to private schools and cut funding to public education.
They protect the fortunes of the very wealthy and have their campaigns paid for.
They sign pledges to promote the interests of a very few.
They don't even have to pay their own employees because the government does it for them, giving them $1.5 million each to run their offices.

The game is to win the election, to be the party in power, not to actually govern, not to care about the welfare of the nation or its people because once in office their energy goes into blocking their opponents even if it's something they agree with. They will willfully wreck the country just to discredit the guy in the catbird seat. They are poor losers of the worst sort and when they are challenged on their records, they whip up the fear machine.

This last little charade of congressional chicken over the budget is typical. This was not about governing, it was about control. They stage their ploys with complete disregard to how it will affect the general population and then blame the fallout on their opponent. They are spoiled children who won't play unless they get to set the rules. They throw a bomb into the middle of the struggling economy wiping out the marginal gains and then go on vacation.

They won't lose their jobs (well, they can but the people have to do it at election time and the people have short memories not to mention they keep gerrymandering the districts in their favor).
They won't lose any of their homes.
Their kids will still get quality educations and go to college.
They won't die of a treatable ailment because they can't afford treatment.
They won't see their retirement slip away with every stock market crash they engender (oh hell, forget gains for retirement, now we've all lost our initial investments).
They suffer nothing while the rest of us suffer from the effects of their manipulations.

Whatever you think of Clinton personally, he left us a surplus and a strong fiscal policy. Eight years of George Bush and ten years of Republican policies later has turned that surplus into an enormous debt and has transferred the wealth of a nation into the hands of a few.

And the very people who are being crushed keep voting for them. That, I just do not get.

I am very disappointed in Obama. I know that he came to office when the country lay in ruins, that he was handed a very big bag of shit and blamed because it smelled. I know being president isn't easy in the best of times but he has not delivered on a single promise. He has caved on every issue. And don't point out mandatory insurance as a health care plus. Making it mandatory does not give me the money to pay for it.

Especially now.


  1. Amen! I couldn't have said it better. The only way to change things is to completely vote both sides out. Get in a third party. Problem is, some of them have such strange agendas or they can't stay focused on what they want to accomplish.

    I hear you on the health insurance. We wouldn't have the money either. How is it some people who can't afford the insurance will be subsidized by my taxes. Yet, if I were to claim I can't afford it, I'd be fined? That doesn't make any sense. Well see, you weren't poor before. But you just put in a policy that pushed me over the line. Now I am. Sigh.

    The politicians aren't the only ones who know how to play the game. I wish someone would teach the middle class so we could avoid the poor house.

  2. sigh...
    I agree to a lot, but some I do disagree too.
    Ahh, the wonder of this grand country that we get the freedom to have an opinion & that we can express it.
    I have always felt Pres Clinton was the smartest president we have had and so grateful for what he did for this great country.
    The Bush years...shame on the majority. So glad they are out. What a mess indeed!
    Pres Obama~ he is amazing & truly doing the best he can with what he has, but without working together, its an extremely tough uphill battle after battle. I do have faith in him. My Hubby enjoyed getting to meet & even speaking with him & it did encourage & raise us back to our power of prayer & hope that he will be able to turn things around.
    Without faith... I cant even imagine.

  3. I can't really help you with this problem.... i am not allowed to vote... pretty sad because we pay A LOT of taxes....

    Turn of the tv??? maybe that helps?


  4. I have felt for many elections....that all we do is vote in the new team for tug of war and we are the losers....every time.
    Well said.

  5. Here here!!! And Amen!!! If onnly the people wouldn't forget and turn out to vote these clowns out of office. Unfortunately we would just get more of the same. Because sane, intelligent, non-spoiled people don't run for office..they have successful businesses and they are just too darn busy!! Sigh!
    Are we just doomed to pay and pay?

  6. It's an absolute disgrace here too. We are being forced to swallow a medicine we never even voted for.

    Politicians are in such bad odour, it's a wonder anybody wants to do the job unless, of course, it is all a matter of personal benefits.

    Do any politicians still choose to go into politics for the sake of Ideals? If there is one, how long does it take before reality knocks the idealistic attitude out of him/her?

  7. They are running around this state hoping to gain attention to be president amd I often wonder how they would field a question of how they really could guarantee to stand by the people for the people.Would they hand over the reins if they couldn't be true to those promises?Its a job that many don't want.

  8. Numbers.

    Revised GDP shrinkage in 2008 was -10.4%. At the time they thought it was -3%. Which means the 700 billion dollar stimulus was too small by more than half. TARP has been paid back with a loss of only 36 billion to the government.

    CBO's projections for the debt put it at 100% GDP in 2020. Currently debt is 40% GDP. CBO is using growth projections of 3% per annum. Last quarter was a dismal 1.3%, quarter before that .4%, which means that the debt at current growth will 114% of GDP in 2020.

    Since the Republicans and Tea Drinkers refuse to raise taxes in any form, debt will probably be even higher - however, and this is a big however, with the loss of $1.5 trillion (let's put trillions in perspective. The nearest star, Alpha Centauri, is about 25 trillion miles away) in spending cuts, we are guaranteed negative GDP growth next year - just like in 1937.

    Why would the Republicans and the Tea Drinkers party want to completely our economy? It's nothing short of insane.

    If Obama had really done the socialist thing is tarred with, nationalized the banks, forgave lower incokme owners and working and middle class debt, screwed over the rich gamblers, kept them from welching on their bets, sent Wall Street to the gulag, the economy would have around $7 trillion surplus to play with right now.

    Anyone else want a ticket to 2000 election for a do-over?

  9. I feel the same way you do. :( It's so disheartening and our entire government system has gone down the drain. I never did like Obama, didn't vote for him and had a strong feeling he would do exactly what he's done...nothing but bring us farther down. Our debt is so astronomical that it will be a miracle if we ever function in the black again. It's such a mess and to the point of humiliation.

  10. Ack, Obama's been bought, just like the rest of them. All style over substance. He is anenormous disappointment.

    I tire of of all the fear tactics. Beating up the elderly and those who are in dire need of government services. I feel badly for the doctors who've studied so hard and just want to practice. I could go on and on, but it won't make a damn difference until people wake up and demand more.

    This country is spiraling downward, and I've no idea how, at this point, we'll keep ourselves from hitting the bottom. Vay!

  11. Yup- it's all bullshite- "don't vote, it only encourages them" is an illusion to make us feel like it is a democracy- to appease. So, yeah turn off the tv- take care of yourself and your neighbors. buy local, recycle- look at the bigger picture. I knew that Obama would get sucked in even though he is a good guy- the coolest- This country really needs a good spanking- I think that we are getting it...lack of community global spirit-ignorance, control issues, religion-greed-arrogance-not helping each other- corporate mind set...we are spanking ourselves silly!
    "Just be nice, the world is a small town..."

  12. I could not have said a single word any better than you did
    Amen 10x over

    the reaction to wall street ups and downs is far more emotional than that of children dying and is a sick and sad commentary on society

    our system is so broken

  13. The poor carry the rich on their backs. It's wrong. And yet, it is how it is. I feel overwhelmed living among the impoverished by their need, their lack of hope, and their lack of resources. My heart breaks all the time. I go to school wondering if anything makes a difference. The rich will get richer. Why can't people let go of some comfort to comfort those who have so little?

  14. Well said. I must agree with everything you have said and the comments have been equally eloquent. I am constantly amazed at the segment of the population that is willing to "drink the kool aid" that is so destructive to their self-interests and consequently vote for people who are unqualified and greedy. It makes me want to shake them and shout "Snap out of it and get a clue."

  15. Politics have been very disturbing, and it's hard for me to read/listen/discuss them. I feel as though Obama had his hands tied from day one. I am also disappointed and just hope we aren't in for a Tea Party in 2012.

  16. Thank you. You said it exactly the way I would too - it's so sad actually.

  17. You've vented my political spleen, too. Thanks for the post, since it all needs to to said, and you've said it well!


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