Friday, August 12, 2011


The last grand girl is gone, returned home today.  By the last visit, which always falls in August, I am getting worn and the outdoors is so hot and dry and worn.  And we have had an unusual amount of wind this summer.  Hot, dry wind.

So Robin and I spent most our time inside and mostly what we did was sew.  She had picked out a pattern that was a top and a 'skort' only she wanted the shorts and skirt separate.  Robin channels my mother sometimes.  She picked out an orange with white dots for the top and shorts and a lime green with white dots for the skirt.  Those were my mother's favorite colors and Robin picked out the exact shades.

She wanted a shoulder bag like the one her sister Jade made so Robin started with that.  Although she is 3 years younger, she is better on the sewing machine than the twins.  She can do long straight even seams.  So I do the curvy seams and the more difficult stitching and she does the straight ones.  After she made her bag and while we were working on the clothes, she entertained herself by cutting fabric into pieces and sewing them together.   

Later, together we made a stuffed toy and after that she took different colors of fabric and made little stuffed fruits and vegetables that she pinned together.

Counterclockwise from left – orange, blueberry, carrot, plum, avocado, lime

We did other things besides sew.  

We checked out all the little antique stores around the square.

We went to see the Smurf movie in 3D.  

We went down to the dried up stream bed (wasn't as much fun as we thought it would be, nothing interesting to find and it was hot).

We made ice cream (chocolate).

We helped my sister unpack a few boxes.

We made a pie (key lime again).

We played games.

She made bows and clipped them in my hair.

But she wasn't interested in swimming in the little pool.


  1. so you're ready for some peace and quiet, eh? i don't blame you! hard to be entertaining and fun for a week at a time over and over! :)

  2. What pretty bows you have my dear! :-)
    Peace and quiet is on the way.

  3. you did good and I am certain she will remember the time spent--now rest ;-)

  4. The last picture brought such a smile to my face - she did a bang up job on Grandma! NICE - you are so cute Ellen and such a gift to your grandchildren. :)

    Her outfit is adorable - nicely done.

  5. You are SO AWESOME! What luck for the G-kids!

  6. I agree it would be hard to be equally fun for three different visits....good job Ellen. And as to the makes you a cutie patootie, I'd Say.

  7. What a fantastic way to spend time. When can I come??

  8. I love her little fruits & veggies! There was a time in my life when I wanted to decorate with just those colors - I would have had a fruit bowl filled with them :)

  9. Sweet... she surely has inherited your creative gene. Key lime with blueberries? That sounds just too good to be true!

  10. Bless - you have 4 lovely grand kids; I know its tiring but you re giving them all such lovely memories. I'm not a fan of Robins colours but thats because I am a little old lady - they look delightful on Robin!


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