Monday, August 8, 2011


new Texas rain gauge

I'm also feeling some discontent because the drought continues with no relief in sight and none maybe expected the rest of this year and into next, thanks to that little bitch, La Nina.  Even more of the state is classified at the highest drought level and has set a new record for the driest year ever with just over 15 inches of rain in the last 12 months and the last two months were the hottest on record.

The first tropical storm of the season to come our way came and went and gave us not a bit of rain. Oh, it rained around us, got close enough to smell it and the city got some good rain, but it skirted us completely.

There was a news program on the other day about the drought and how it is affecting farmers and ranchers. The reporter took a yardstick and slipped it in one of the cracks in the earth. It went down 30”.

As I mentioned before, the ranchers are selling off their stock because all the pastures are dying or dead and hay is at such a high price that they even cut and baled the 13 acre field behind us. The cotton, so tall and lush and full last year barely comes to my knees this year.

The last time I was in the city a couple of weeks ago, the trees were clearly suffering but still living. Driving in on the West Loop past Memorial Park this last trip in I was broken hearted to see how many had died. Tree after tree...mostly pines, oaks and cypress.

As if we hadn't already been having August temperatures since the beginning of June, now August is upon us. Last week we had triple digits every day with a heat index of 120 and not even a hint of rain. I'm so thankful for all the trees around our house here in the country and in the city and that they seem to be doing OK. The temperature drops at least 10˚ in their shade.

The lakes and ponds and rivers are drying up. A little stream down the road from us that always has water flowing is dry. No water, no bugs, no plants, no food for birds and other wildlife. Nothing we can do except wait and wait and hope that when fall comes, if it ever comes, it will bring us some rain. If not rain, then at least lower temperatures.

Still, a few things seem unfazed by the heat and lack of rain. The yellow bells, the mexican bird of paradise and the wild mexican petunias continue to bloom without looking droopy and sere.


  1. I had no idea you were in Texas - wow. We have friends there and they tell us the same thing. It is horrible.

    I will continue to send good thoughts that the rain comes soon. I know it is too late for this year, but it might give Texas a head start on next year.

    Keep cool as best you can.

  2. Droughts are terrible ... I remember long summers in southern Africa that just went on and on, once lush areas turning a sad brown.

    I send rainy thoughts (if thats any good)

  3. The drought is an awful thing to have to endure..and that's all you can do. Sorry. I love the comment about La Nina...and she's supposed to stay for another year...yikes. Sending rainy thoughts, Linda

  4. That's looking rathere desperate. I will no longer complain that we've had a dry summer.. it's nothing like this. I hope you get lots of refreshing, renewing, rejuvenating rain very soon.

  5. Without water we die.
    We don't have enough either here in Shropshire, but at least it's cool. Still, my garden is suffering and I've given up watering. I just can't be bothered.

  6. I know Texas is suffering.

    I would do a rain dance painted in purple, naked, if it would bring rain.

  7. thanks for venting some frustrations for all of us in Texas. i know your area is worse off than NE Tx is, and i'm watching trees losing all their leaves and browning up too.

    loved the 'that bitch la nina' line. ha ha!

  8. ...meanwhile, just a few weeks ago, some parts of Northern Illinois received 15 inches of rain in one night. (I received seven inches of rain in one hour, a record breaker).

  9. Mercy. It's astonishing how hot and dry you and Oklahoma have been this year.

  10. The bottle cap made me laugh: I guess EVERYTHING isn't bigger in TX.

    I am sincerely and desperately sorry for the weather y'all haven't been having, if you know what I mean.

    My sister lives in Austin: it's just AWFUL, I know!


  11. I don't even get excited when it clouds up, they seem to pass by.I had to dig a hole for one of my cats this last week and had to use a pick ax.

  12. Don't forget the scorpions when you think of unfazed by the heat. I found one in the bathroom last night. Yikes!

    I like your rain gauge. :)

    Our weather here in SE Oklahoma is still the same--every day still over 100 and not going down. I'm just looking forward to Halloween.

  13. Oh, it's La Nina that's doing it? Well, at least there's hope that it will eventually end, I suppose. I feel for you, kid.

    By the way, did I ever mention that that picture of you and your flamingo buddy is just too darn cute?

  14. This drought is terrible, with little relief in sight. It must be awful to live with it. Maybe next year won't be as bad as they say, and this drought will be broken...I sure hope so.

    Here in the NW it has been chilly all summer, and the mountaintops still have a ton of snow on them. What a weird weather pattern we're in.

  15. I'm so sorry, droughts are a terrible thing. :( You all must be so sick of it and to have to watch the lakes drying up and the crops struggling to stay alive. uggggh I'm sending energy for rain your way...

  16. I'm always so thirsty after I read about your drought conditions. I really hope that fall brings some relief to Texas.

  17. Love the Texas rain gauge :)) It's pouring here and has been for days. We'll be flooding soon....that's the usual thing at this time of goes on, eh?


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