Tuesday, August 23, 2011

pecan thoughts

I've already lost count of how many gallons of immature pecans I've picked up. The ones falling now are big fat green ones. Falling or plucked I can't tell as they are still half eaten, but at least I can walk around out there barefoot without hobbling with every step. And I do like to walk around out there barefoot.

I find contact with the earth to be soothing and healing, I'm an earth sign after all. I love to dig, get my fingers in the dirt, crumble the clods, add compost and turn it in. I like to plant too, and see the beings grow and reward me with their flowers or feed me with their fruits. But it's the dirt that really attracts me, that gives such satisfaction after I've spent a day preparing a bed.

So there's only two ways of picking up pecans, walking bent over or sitting on the ground. Well, yes there are those nifty little devices that look a little bit like a giant wisk on a long pole but I don't have one so I walk and bend over or walk bent over. It's a mindless task so my mind tends to wander.

I had a commercial ditty stuck in my head for several days that was driving me nuts (hee hee, get it? Nuts?) and walking around out there yesterday evening I realized that I had finally gotten it out of my head, had even forgotten what it was. What was that that was driving me crazy? Searching around in my head for it, the minute it came to me I realized my mistake.

No no! Back up, I don't want to remember it. What a dolt. So now I was frantically trying to think of another song before it got stuck in my head again.

I could not think of a single refrain, much less a whole song and there are plenty of songs I sing along to when I think no one can hear me. Finally, one came to me, so now I was out there singing House Of The Rising Sun over and over and surprisingly I remembered almost the whole thing and which also happens to be the one and only song I've ever karaoked.

Finally, my one gallon bucket was full and I walked back to the burn pile and tossed them on. If we ever get to burn again the whole county is going to have one big bonfire after another. I keep eyeing my neighbor's pile trying to decide whose is bigger. I think ours is taller but his is wider.

Before going back in for the evening, I hooked up the hose to one of the soakers. It was nearing sunset and I thought that although the days were still getting into triple digits, the mornings and evenings seemed to be cooler more enjoyable less hot than they had been so perhaps there will be an end to this endless summer after all.


  1. loved this. can so relate. i'm not picking up pecans - i'm picking up bone fragments and bird feathers. and i don't work in the dirt but like the water (i'm a water sign) and keep praying for some wet earth smell. and i DO so enjoy being barefoot. even if i burn the soles of my feet on our deck in the wretched sun...

  2. Pecans sound good to eat but not step on.It was 103 at one portion of prairie I was in and then went down six degrees only a mile away. My poor dog ran for shade, including my shadow all morning.I laughed humming a Xmas tune while I was out, hate getting stuck on a song, but this has been with me for a few days.

  3. Yeah, the mornings and evenings seem "less hot" to me also, but the afternoons are literally steaming. I kept hoping you wouldn't name the stuck tune because otherwise I'd have to carry it around for awhile. That's funny.

  4. My dad has pecan trees in his yard and he has one of those nifty picker-uppers. I still bend and walk or sometimes squat. I love to play in the dirt myself, but you already know that. My peaches are finally getting ripe, but the birds have pecked at them. The mulberry tree did not have it's bounty this year. I got only one apple, too. The intense humidity and heat has returned here, but the constant wind that comes with August is back, so we at least have movement in the air.

  5. We are a little cooler, too. It makes me a little more willing to work outside.

    I have a few burn piles waiting, too. I think I'll wait for snow.

  6. John and I were just complaining that it got into the mid eighties today. The house thermostat said 81 and we thought it was hot.I can only imagine how sick you all are of this heat and the drought, and I have hopes that the tropical storms may bring some relief for you.

    I hope you are able to salvage some real, ripe, whole pecans b/c nothing is better than a fresh pecan pie.

  7. Someone once asked me why I spend so much time growing cilantro, lavender, rosemary... in pots; or why I made candles at home when it's cheaper to buy them; there is something about the process. I need to find a why to be close enough to what I use and eat. I miss having a full blooming garden, but it is hard in NYC. My pots do the job and we have become friends, and when I need more, I go to the nearest park take my shoes off and let my feet kiss the earth. She kisses me back and I'm whole again.

  8. We're in the upper 90's, but I'm not complaining. It could be worse, like having an earthquake or hurricane like on the east coast. :)

  9. Last night when we were leaving Book Club we all remarked how suddenly dark and cold it was - well thats London in the summer for you!

  10. Your talk of the earth reminds me - do you know that the last 400 acres of untouched, unbroken coastal prairie are in Brazoria County, just north of West Columbia on TX25?

    When the heat breaks I'm heading there - Nash Prairie. I just learned of it yesterday, and am thrilled. The Nature Conservancy owns it now after a long struggle, so it won't end up a collection of "ranchettes". Thank goodness.


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