Tuesday, January 23, 2018

two surprises

Way back right after the flood when I was pulling things out of the house and reported losing all my art and design books (but not my glass art/technique books which were on a higher shelf which was fortunate because more than one of those is out of print now), I received a message from a FB 'friend', a man I have never met but who comments on my posts now and then. He had been following my tale of woe and asked about the art books and for my address, a message I never replied to because I was kind of overwhelmed at the time and it just slipped past me. Eight days ago he inquired again whether I had lost all or most my art books. To which I replied yes, but that I was not that upset about it and planned to donate the survivors to the library, only a few that I really cared about and I listed about 5 titles and I gave him my address. Yesterday, the mail carrier came up the driveway and handed me a box. When I opened it, this was inside.

This is not an inexpensive book. So, John Fletcher who lives in Michigan and whom I have never met or spoken to except to exchange a comment now and then, you have a beautiful and generous heart. Thank you for your thoughtful gift.

So because the universe wasn't through showing me that there is still beauty in the world, when I checked on the four chrysalises I saw one monarch had emerged and two others had turned black indicating that emergence was nigh (within 24 hours). 

When I saw it flex its wings, I gently lifted it out and put it on one of the plants I had brought inside. The next morning it was still there still exercising its wings slowly so I gently lifted it up and transferred it to the rose bush in full sun. The next time I went to check on it, it was gone. 

I had also taken the two chrysalises out and put them on the plant stand 

and by early afternoon, another had emerged. 

Just now, when I checked again it had also flown off but the third chrysalis was gone, not even the empty shell left behind. I sifted through the dried up leaves below and found it with a jagged hole in the side, victim I suppose of a bird. 

I guess I should have considered that when I placed them so near the tea cup.


  1. A good day for you, art, and two monarchs. I'd say your world turned well yesterday.

  2. What wonderful, splendid gifts!
    Sometimes the world is a fine place to live in. Art books and butterflies. Yep. That's about heaven, right there.

  3. Fun to watch and nice to always have friends

  4. Too bad about the bird-meal, but that's nature, I suppose. And how amazing to see those butterflies emerge! And how bizarre those chrysalises (?) look -- like little machine parts.

  5. Two survivors is not bad. You can pat yourself on the back. People are generous and we sometimes forget that.

  6. If it hadn't been for your efforts, I feel pretty sure none of the butterflies would have emerged. Good for you! And how wonderful, to get such a gift. That's quite special.

  7. Reading this first thing in the morning and I feel good about the world.

  8. Oh this is great! The book and the butterflies are beautiful!


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