Thursday, January 4, 2018

feeble attempt to actually do something

We've had our last night below freezing, for now anyway. I uncovered everything. Some things went ahead and froze but will come back, I'm sure, in the spring and some things look good with only minor damage. My sister is back and the extra dog has gone home. I should be driving out to Bay City to return the flooring sample I borrowed before christmas (in my defense, they have been closed most of this time) and look at tile but I'm not. I'm easing into this new year so I'll do that tomorrow. That way I can truthfully say that I wasn't a complete slug the first week of the new year. Instead I think I'll work on the elevations for the back bedroom since the plan is to take out the wall at the end that makes the closet (there is another smaller closet across from the little bathroom) 

and put the etched glass from the entry of our old shop in the city in that end wall as windows. 

Right now there is only one window in that room at the other end of the long wall 

(on the other side of the other long wall is the garage). I had also thought about adding a door from that room to the little backyard on the long side wall but I'm not sure about that.

I did get over to the shop and sort through that last bag of about 50 full size drawings, looking for the ones I would need for one of these jobs I had put off, which turned out to be all very old and all contemporary or traditional and not the florals I was hoping. Well, I thought, at least I still have the scale drawing I did for that customer so I looked through my design book and guess what, it's not in there. I remember the job (unlike many of the drawings in that bag), I can visualize the scale drawing but I looked through that book twice and it's not there. The full size drawings could still be in one of the 32 tubes in which 40+ years of etched and carved glass are stored but I have poured over the listings in each tube and there is nothing by name or description that is close enough for me to want to dig through any of them. I suppose they must have been in the bag of drawings that got wet that I disposed of without even looking through it so the only proof I ever did this job is three photographs (they want the transom design on another window for a new house) 

and because I don't really want to try and recreate the drawing from a not so great picture I've decided to ignore it and wait and see if they contact me again. Same with the other little job.

An update on the monarchs...this morning 4 of the 6 caterpillars had attached themselves to the stick at the top of the jars. I checked just now and I have one chrysalis, two still in the 'J' shape and one hanging loosely so I assume it died.


  1. Your glasswork is just stunning. And good job with the caterpillars! I'm so sorry you can't find that drawing. It must be so frustrating. I hate it when I can't find something that I know I have. I suppose you may have thrown it out. Damn.

  2. I'm happy to hear about the caterpillars. That's a pretty good success rate, all things considered. I've still got my schefflera in the living room, but I'll take them out tomorrow or Saturday. As long as the balcony's empty, I might as well give it a good cleaning, and then rearrange things. A friend said some of the gurus are muttering about another cold snap in February, but good grief: they can't even nail down next week. It's not their fault, it's just hard to do.

    That etched glass is gorgeous. The only etched glass I've ever had is a set of Elegant glassware from the 20s or 30s. It surely is pretty.

  3. "see if they contact me again..."
    My sister, the artist, would say that. And I would be thinking of 17 jerry rigged solutions and she would just wait. And they would call, or not. Right brain, left brain. Love it.

  4. I don’t blame them for wanting that window in their new house - it’s gorgeous! Very cool about the monarchs!

  5. Love the idea of the etched glass as windows where the closet used to be.

  6. You work is awesome, as in there is a lot of awe when I look at it.


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