Sunday, January 28, 2018

picking up the pieces

Overcast and wet on Saturday with temperatures in the mid-60s. I noticed Friday evening that the last chrysalis had turned black so I put it outside away from the tea cup and the next morning a monarch was hanging from the end of the stick. 

So three butterflies out of 6 caterpillars. Should have been four or even five if I had gone to get the superglue before the fallen chrysalis disappeared from the pot I had placed it in. I assume it became a meal for a bird like the one the other day.

And my attempt at hanging the antique glass shade from the light fixture was successful and while it doesn't cover the fixture it does cover the bulb and it looks much better than the wood and wicker shade it had previously.

Yesterday I finally altered the other art light fixture that I bought an embarrassingly long time ago, as in a couple of years, and never hung because once it arrived I realized it was unsuitable, for reasons I won't go into, for where I had planned to hang it. Well, I finally decided to hang it in the dining area since I conceded that there was no way to hang the chandelier there. The other thing about it is that it only hung down about 11” which I felt would make it hard to see how pretty it is. So I got new fittings and a 6” section of copper pipe and added it between the lamp and the ceiling plate.

Now to finish cleaning the chandelier and I still have two birdhouses and a wind chime that I need to find permanent places for and several plate flowers and totems to repair so I can get started on that auction piece on Monday.


  1. I can not remember anytime that you have been idle- If I could tap into your energy just for one day I could get so much done- everything on my to do list from years and years of procrastination. You are a whirlwind! Nice job on the lamp and the butterflies, well, everyone has got to eat, and what a pretty lunch that would have been for a bird or toad.

    1. I've actually been pretty dormant for the last 6 weeks. just now getting my motivation back.

  2. I've said it before, I'll say it again- you and I are definitely related in some way. Or some ways.
    Love all of that!

  3. I think you are moving important mountains. You got your mental energy sorted out, first. Hurrah for Monarchs.

  4. Ooh - I love both of those light fixtures! Your house is so much more fun than mine (although we do have that entirely funkadelic lamp in the living room).

  5. i love watching the butterflies hatch. A friend mad a screen house to put them in and they attach to the top

  6. I bet three butterflies from six caterpillars isn't hugely different from what would happen in nature -- birds are always going to eat a few, right? You still deserve credit for saving them in the first place. Otherwise they'd have simply frozen and all would have perished.

    Excellent light fixtures!


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