Friday, January 12, 2018

Don the clueless and boring remodeling and weather stuff

Every time I think Trump in the White House can't get any more pathetic or despicable he dumbfounds me anew though I read today or maybe it was yesterday that we should stop calling him by his last name, stop giving his brand vocalization. So he's Donny from now on, or some version of Donald, or maybe Don the Con. In his latest round of bigotry and racism, he's decided that the 200,000 Salvadorans we gave sanctuary to have to leave, complained about protections for immigrants, and complained about immigrants from shithole nations referring to Haiti and Africa completely ignorant of the fact that this country was populated and built by the shithole dregs of society from every nation because who else except those that had nothing left to lose (or those kidnapped and sold into slavery) would try and make that journey. And to top it all off, he bragged about the delivery of F-52 fighter planes to Norway, planes that do not exist and are, in fact, a fictional part of a video game. And in case you haven't heard, there was no collusion.

Back to my more immediate concerns, another visit to look at tile on Tuesday, taking back the samples I had previously brought home. 

just one of several sections

Another session with the very helpful Julie. I showed her the elevations and floor plan for the bathroom and in a discussion of possible combinations of tile for the shower she made some comment about when I use it. I had a burst of ironic laughter when I told her I will probably never use that shower, and, I'm agonizing over a shower I will probably never use. So that was sort of a big wake up. Of course, there is a possibility of using it if for some reason the shower in the main bathroom becomes disabled or if I'm so feeble in the future I can't step into the tub to use it.

With use in mind, I'm scaling back the degree of fancy for the little bathroom, using bead board wainscoting on the walls, continuing the look from my studio room especially since I was planning on doing wainscoting in the back bedroom as well, tile floor, and tile shower. I'll use the hex tile on the floor of the shower for sure. The rest I'm still contemplating and will require at least one more trip to look at tile for the shower.

And I drew up the elevation for the windows in the end wall of the back bedroom so Rocky will know where and how big to cut the holes in the wall when he finishes up with the house at the other end of the street. 

We had been on a warming trend since our week of really cold weather but another cold front blew in yesterday which entailed covering the sensitive plants once again and bringing in all the small pots I had taken back outside. I waited a little late in the day, until the front started blowing in, and trying to wrap and cover the little satsuma was a comedy of errors. I'd get it secured in one spot and the tarp would flap up and blow around on another, got it wrapped, so I thought, and one big gust blew it all apart. I finally went and got some straps and cinched it all together. It was really howling out there last night but sunny today and for the next few with cold nights.


  1. We had some pretty high winds this morning - the wind chime on the front porch woke me up about 5:00 (RUDE!).

  2. They made a shower and bench with a foam board instead of the cement or drywall one might use. I have done lots of tile

  3. I think just rump is adequate, unless you want shithole rump.
    Our weather is too horrid; another ice storm hitting now.

  4. As usual, we are a day or two behind you, weather-wise but tomorrow night will be the first of freezing temperatures again.
    That IS funny- thinking about spending all of that time and worry on a shower you'll probably never use. But who knows?
    Stay warm, woman. I will try too.

  5. Our weather is similar. I saw someone in hotpants (an adult woman) the other day when I went to pickup the grands. Remember those? Today back in the low 40s and with the harsh winds it will be very cold! I am no longer made at the poor crazy and dangerous person in the White House. He cannot help himself and needs lots of therapy and care. I am angry at his idiot supporters who would rather pretend this is normal than admit their mistake.

  6. I think we should just call him shithole.

    It is taxing picking out the right materials for a room renovation. However, it is an adventure and keeps one’s mind off of other things.


  7. We are still on the tiles that came with the house - ugly as hell - there was always something more important to deal with first. That's 20 yrs now.

  8. I hadn't heard about "Don's" fighter plane reference! What an absolute disgrace. Such an international embarrassment.

    That tile election looks confounding, to say the least! Glad you got the plants covered!


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