Friday, January 26, 2018

getting back in the mood

We've warmed up to more normal winter temperatures and I'm finally emerging from my state of lethargy. This week I have actually accomplished a few things, mostly minor but at least I'm ticking some things off...made more progress on the chandelier, finally got the piece of copper tubing I need to hang my other art light fixture, filled and hung the big bird feeder back up, took the recycling to the center and the newspaper to the vet, returned the tile samples and had lunch with a friend, got my prayer flags back up (and I do wish the Dalai Lama would send me some new ones, these are looking a little tattered), 

a few other things that I can't recall right now. Not yard work though. I've stood out there on these beautiful blue sky days this week looking at the flood and then freeze damaged flower beds which are pretty pathetic right now 

thinking I should be working in the yard and even though the birds and the 10 petal anemones seem to think it's spring,  

I'm just not feeling the urge yet.

My goal for today, however, is to jerry-rig one of the antique glass shades from the light fixtures from the old city house. When I bought that 100+/- year old house in the mid-70s, one of the first things we did was to take them down and put up ceiling fans in those three rooms. As I recall, there was a pink one, a clear frosted one, and a blue one. I don't know what happened to the blue one, it disappeared many many years ago and since the clear frosted one needs a completely different fixture from the one I'm working with, I think the pink one will go well in my room.

Rocky stopped last Sunday while I was out pulling up my hand-full-of-clover-a-day from amongst the bluebonnets (if I don't pull the clover up it will quickly overwhelm the bluebonnets) to let me know he thought he would be able to get started on the rest of the house one day this week which I mentally amended to next week because that seems to be how it goes. In any case, since I was reminded yesterday that I promised to donate a piece to a silent auction for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo financial aid fund from which my granddaughter Autumn was the recipient of a grant last year, I need to start on a piece specifically for that whether Rocky starts next week or not.


  1. It is January 26th and the camellia trees are in full bloom. The world is upside down, but still so very beautiful.

  2. Camellias always bloom here in the winter. (In response to Liv's comment.)
    I've been doing a little bit of yard work, here and there. It just feels so wrong to waste these cool days.
    I have some light fixtures like that too! I don't know what to do with them but cannot throw them away. Or give them away.
    Sounds like you've been pretty busy.

  3. Beautiful anemones! So glad they're out and about. Mine are just foliage, sometimes under snow, sometimes just as perky as spring anemones.

  4. My poor lenton roses are in the shade of hubby's boat so wondering if they will bloom next month. I will be on travel anyway and miss them. If your garden is ruined see it as an opportunity to completely redesign.

  5. That anemone is beautiful, especially with everything still frozen here

  6. I love that light fixture! And the prayer flags look great against that white wall.

  7. Well, it's nice to have SOMETHING blooming now, isn't it?! Our flower beds are looking pretty pathetic too. I think this coming weekend is going to be garden clean-up time!


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