Friday, March 1, 2013

three steps forward and one step back

I'm less than thrilled with some of the results of this week in the city.  

We did get an installation done, a pair of doors in a contemporary design, for a guy who has been waiting for over 5 months.  But then, he's been meaning to do something about those doors since he moved into that house 9 years ago.  I did warn him.  Anyway, the installation went well and he is pleased.

I didn't finish the next job which is replacing one of a pair of door lites originally done some 12 years ago.  I did get the background done but I still need to do one more technique, something I don't do anymore.  I'm looking for an alternative to the clear acrylic satin spray I used.  I did find a paintable acrylic so I made progress there.

And the troublesome client and her husband came over to view the other three pieces of the commission that haven't been installed yet. We were all very nice and pleasant and she even paid the balance on the window that is already installed and they are happy with the other three pieces.

Then she started asking me questions about the shower door...where's the hardware, is it supposed to be that tall, wasn't what I charged for the etching the whole cost of the shower door? So I had to remind her that no, my charge was for the etching only and she owed my installer for the glass, hardware, and installation. I even showed her on the proposal where I had specified 'etching only' on the shower door. That didn't mean anything to her, she didn't remember, she thought that was for the whole thing. I explained to her that my only association with the glass company is that I hired them to do my installations and I couldn't answer any of her questions.

To her credit, she did call me several hours later to tell me that she did, after all, remember about the shower door and apologized. Sheesh.

So, I guess really the only thing I'm dissatisfied about is the samples I did for the Leadership Wall. One came out as I expected but the other one did not read well. So I did it again a little differently and I still wasn't happy with it so it's back to the drawing board on that one.


  1. that one couple is tough! glad you got paid, however.

  2. These doors are beautiful!!!

    Won't you be glad when you are through with Ms Dingy?

  3. Have to smile at Gail's comment. I was thinking it was a busy, reasonably decent average week--except for Mrs. That'sMyEngraver. A person who really wants what is in her head, not what you put on paper. Too bad there is no way to tell her in just as peevious tone to make it herself, then.

  4. Ya know, some people's children is all I've got to say on that one. Makes ya shake your head and say huh?
    Lovely work on these doors, you and your hubby are so very talented. Oma Linda

  5. I love the doors, they have a fun layer of patterns,and remind me of ocean.

  6. Those doors are GREAT!

    The client with the lizard sounds a little discombobulated. And maybe a bit schizophrenic.

  7. As artists...working for the public is our hardest job! Ha
    You have definitely had a "week".
    Be well and spring is just around the corner.

  8. The doors look wonderful, Ellen. Too bad about the difficult customer but at least she's not reneging on payment.

  9. Look at the difficult client this way, beats hell out of being a wedding planner.

  10. Love those doors! I like how there's so much variety in your commissioned work - whatever the client wants. Of course, I like it when MY job has a lot of variety too :)

  11. it they weren't please with those doors,, they cant be pleased...

  12. glnroz...the doors in the picture were for a different client who was wonderful start to finish and he loves them.


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