Sunday, March 17, 2013

teens in residence

First I'd like to thank everyone for their comments on my last two posts. I know we are supposed to be sad when a father dies but it's hard to care about someone who didn't care about us. Several of you hoped we could forgive and move on, that forgiveness would release us. I don't know if forgiveness is the right word, but we came to terms with the situation long ago and let it go. I may not hold a grudge against him but it would have been dishonest of me to pretend that I cared.

Last week was going to be busy before we had to factor in the funeral. I had to clean and seal a door panel and get it reinstalled and get new samples made for the Leadership Wall for my presentation next Tuesday and be home Wednesday evening to welcome the grandkids who were coming to stay through today. The installation got pushed back to afternoon which allowed us to get the samples done but did not give me the time to clean and seal the sidelites on site as planned so I have to go back and do that.

We did this job about 12 years ago and replaced the panel on the right after it got broken. We also took the intact panel out so it could be cleaned and sealed. This has always been one of my favorite jobs. It still is.

So for the last four days it's been the usual whirlwind of meal after meal and lots of dish washing though this time I instituted a new rule...everyone had to wash their own dishes. Still, lots of pots and pans and stray glasses which fell to me, but it was much better.

the three grandgirls

I took the girls over to my sister's house one afternoon to visit with their cousins, my great nieces who were visiting from Albuquerque. 

We flew kites. We went to the feed store and got vegetables for the garden. We cooked. The girls came up to the store on Saturday, explored the square, and hung out while I worked at the antique store. 

We went to their favorite re-sale shop and the emporium in Glen Flora and everybody found something they wanted (I found a very nice small ceramic pot with a dragonfly on it for $1). We watched a movie. 

They chalked up the driveway. The boy hung out with his posse, the neighborhood boys, sometimes at our place and sometimes at theirs.

The parental unit showed up about 1:30 to fetch the little darlings.

And I'm not getting a single other thing accomplished for the rest of the day.


  1. love that chalk drawing! sounds like a blast with the grands. i bet you're tired, though.

    i like the swishy trees!

  2. Death conquers all ...

    I love the doors - no wonder they are your favourite.

    I'm looking forward to the easter weekend - four days to spend tackling my new project.

  3. Listen- I don't believe in that forgiveness shit. What the hell does that even MEAN? But you sure as hell can let it all go and be relieved. I get that. Completely.
    I love that door. Did you know I dated a glass artist once? He was amazing. I am trying to remember his name. Haha! But seriously, he opened my eyes to the amazing art of glass etching which you are so very, very good at.

  4. Okay. I remembered his name. I guess he's still alive. He was sort of handsome. But crazy.

  5. I love your honesty....makes you admirable in my book.
    The visit with your grands and their cousins sounds like tons of fun...and dishes and energy. Rest, you deserve it for sure.
    I adore a driveway when it's loved like that.
    Oma Linda
    ps I didn't know you had relatives here in Burque?

  6. Good job all round, even the leprechaun is smiling.

  7. I'd say that's a pretty full day! I do love that set of doors -- really nice. I bet the owners were upset when that sidelight broke. (That's the window on the side, I guess, right?)

  8. Sounds both rich and exhausting. Love having grandkids visit and now that yours are old enough to do dishes...they should come more often.

  9. Love those doors!

    Four kids in the house sounds exhausting - ha! But then you get to experience your fabulous peace when they leave (although I expect you actually enjoy the kids too).

  10. I love when grandkids come to visit but it can be so tiring.

  11. Those door panels are just gorgeous, Ellen. You do amazing work.

  12. They do have a way of wearing you out don't they? I wouldn't worry too much about the morality of being glad they SOB is gone. It will soon be forgotten anyway. Love the doors. Do you keep the patterns for future use and things like this?

  13. I just learned that I can become strangers with someone who was formerly close. So I get it when you say you honestly didn't care. Onwards and upwards!


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