Sunday, March 24, 2013

crazy spring

Remember early February when I wrote about how it was already feeling like spring and how confused everything seemed? Well, that was followed by about three weeks of cold weather which nipped all those buds that were foolish enough to emerge, followed by a week of warm, then a week of cold. Sheesh. This has been the most confusing spring I can remember. We're about to have another several days of nights in the upper 30s.

Regardless, it is full blown spring now. Although the azaleas bloomed out early, the red bud trees here at the country house were a little behind their city brethren.

The trees, well except for the pecans who are always the last to be convinced, are all wearing their spring green.

The bluebonnets in the front yard are the best they've been in years even though they have made a poor showing elsewhere.

The dew berries in the fields and along the road sides are in full bloom.

Though I've had a hard time getting the baby blue eyes established in the yard, they are flourishing in several pots.

The little red lilies that blanket the city house yard and are starting to get a foothold here at the country house are coming into peak.

The poppies that were so numerous and beautiful last year, came up by the hundreds and then all but a few withered away.

No cotton this year in the big field, only corn.

I've gotten part of the garden planted about two weeks late and I'll get the rest in today if the wind will just give it a rest. It has just been relentless for months. If I didn't know better, I'd think I was living on the Great Plains.


  1. our bluebonnets just began peeking out this week. and we'll dip below freezing tonight and tomorrow night. i'm looking forward to a couple more fires in the fireplace, though!

  2. Got 8" of snow in KC last night. I'm so ready for spring...

  3. You make my mouth water. Yesterday we were talking about going to Furnace Run to see the violets bloom and the tulips...when they finally come up.

  4. It is the same here. Very confusing. The azaleas came and then got frozen but are back and the dogwoods are blooming and the redbud is still coming on in some places. Violets are out. Wisteria is coming strong. Dewberries? Check.
    And yes, supposed to get into the thirties later this week. And today, as I work outside, I am sweating my ass off.
    At least we have gotten a lot of rain. I am so grateful for that.

  5. I will be hoping to see some blooms, the redbuds cover the hills in my area.

  6. I am in Hilton Head this week and we just made it through a 5o degree day in sweaters followed by a huge thunderstorm this morning followed by a sunny afternoon in the high 60s!

  7. Bluebonnets! One of the very nicest things about Texas. Here in Oregon the daffodils are in full bloom & so is the forsythia. The azaleas aren't out yet, but soon, when it warms up a little more, they will be beautiful.

  8. Crazy maybe.. but so beautiful. I'll enjoy your spring until it arrives here.


  9. great plains here too...65 miles per hour winds. Sheesh
    No planting to be done here.
    20 degrees!! Brrrrr

  10. We're having a surprisingly cold period, too. I love the variety of flowers in your yard. I miss having a yard!

  11. Snow on the ground here still in this nation's fair capital

  12. Gorgeousness! I'm watching the snow swirling around out there & dreaming of spring...

  13. Beautiful! And surreal to imagine DC will look like this in a few weeks.

    Wow. Thanks for this!

  14. We got a bit of slushy rain today, courtesy of Storm Virgil, but we are expected to reach the 50s next week. I'm hoping some of the flora in NYC will look have as springy as your yard ;-)

  15. Oh, ellen. Look at that. Would ya look at the GREEN?!

    The snow is almost gone here. Give us a couple/three weeks and the buds will be on the trees.

    Makes me giddy. :-)



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