Tuesday, March 26, 2013

work, birds, and spring chores

I'm still working away on these images for the Leadership Wall. My presentation last week went well, choices were made. The sample they chose for the etching style surprised me as it was one of the first ones I rejected, although it had started to grow on me. I should finish the image manipulation today and then I'll be ready to start the enlargements for the full size art work.

I also have a couple of proposals to do and full size art work on another job. So I'm still plenty busy here but it has been really nice not having any fabrication to do. We are enjoying not having to spend 3 nights and 3 days every week in the city. The downside though is that it's way too easy to get distracted.

I have managed to get the garden mostly planted. I may have planted the okra seedlings too soon as the high dry wind really beat them up yesterday and the day before. It was beating up and desiccating the little tomato plants too so I got the cans out and enclosed them, watered them and they perked right up. So far this year we have put in tomatoes, zucchini, okra, cucumbers, bell peppers, jalapenos, and japanese eggplant. The onions are left over from the winter garden, waiting for them to bulb up better. I still need to get the pole bean seeds in and the cantaloupe. We are NOT putting in any white patty pan squash this year. I'm still not over all the squash we ate last year.

Some of my other spring chores included cleaning out the gutters that were full of leaves and trees. You think I jest. I pulled out half a dozen that were at least 16” and numerous smaller ones. I also uncovered a fire ant nest. They were in my hair, on my arms, on and in my shirt before I knew it. I wasn't completely naked by the time I got down from the ladder and in the house but it was a near thing.

There's been a big flock of cedar waxwings mobbing the birdbaths the last couple of days. They came through early in the month and stripped the photinias of every berry on every bush. They are very communal being the only bird I have observed so far that group bathes and drinks.

There's been a big group of grackles hanging around too. They run all the smaller birds off and then proceed to monopolize the bird baths and empty the bird feeder. They are very ill-mannered. Marc bangs on the window in front to chase them off but all that does is send them to the Little Backyard.


  1. glad work is manageable right now! so lucky of you to see the waxwings! i've not seen any this year - of course we don't have berry bushes to bring them in, either.

  2. Grackles are a mess. Our sparrows are NOT intimidated by them, but it's funny to see a giant grackle on the feeder with a little sparrow :)

  3. What a variety of doing. I like variety.

    Beautiful CW's...love those birds.

    May your work continue in just the amount you want.

  4. How can you already be dry when it’s still cold and snowing and very wet round here? Tomato plants in March?

    Is anyone ever satisfied with the weather they have?

  5. The waxwings came through here a week or so ago as well. They are such beautiful birds and they clean up the berries on things like crepe myrtle and camphor. You have inspired me to get off my butt and do some planting but I'm hesitant because I'm living in a temporary place for how long I don't know. But I'm still inspired. Thanks for that.

  6. Sounds like work is perking up and you are pleasantly busy/..that is great!
    Love all the birds

  7. What was that great big old birdbath intended to be--a children's pool, a cattle waterer, an architectural feature...?

    I always love your photos of far away southeast Texas. I don't know if I ever told you, but I have a half-brother in Sour Lake, which as you probably know, is north of Beaumont in the Big Thicket, I think it's called. We have no relationship, not because I don't want one, but because we weren't raised together, and he never showed any interest in having one.

    I know I've told you that I love your blog photo. I put it on my desktop last week and blew it up trying to see what you look like, but still couldn't tell. What I like about it is that it radiates happiness, like the kind one might feel on a day outing.

    Your comments on my blog are always so thoughtful. I just love having readers who are on both sides of an issue, but I sure like how alike your thoughts are to mine, and I do wonder what it's like for you living where you do.

  8. I need to work (hard!) on the no getting distracted bit. But springtime is so alluring...

  9. I have never heard of a grackle. The things you learn. Wow.

    And you are teasing me by showing just a corner of Big Mama's home, aren't you?

    I have been dying to tell you that Pooldad said I could have my own B/Mama when we moved, he would even put in the pond for me. [That is a big step for him. He wants no water features in our yard. He sees enough pools at work. hee]

    Now all I have to do learn ALL I can about keeping one happy in our yard. I won't attempt it until I am sure they can live in our part of the world and they will thrive in that environment. Anyway, I could be just as happy enjoying your lady instead.

    Can-NOT wait to see your garden. Now, be careful on those ladders, kay?

    Hugs! Skip

  10. Just toss some seeds in the gutters and call it "garden"...There must be a way to trick fire ants into suicide- I am sure you can come up with some curse of magic that will head them over the cliff...or into the field or street.

  11. Sunshine and shadows ... thats all I'm seeing ... not sure when I'll see that again in real life but I'm enjoying it on your pages


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